Month: September 2006


The 12 episode online series “Heartland Horrors” premieres January on Horrorchannel.comREAD ON FOR DETAILS

Podcast: We Got Death Star (Death Star)!

People are going nuts for Star Wars and if the numbers on our latest podcast helping on The DVD Marquee is any indaction. It’s as strong now as it was 3 decades ago.You have the coordinates from the nava computer… enter Hyperspace


DVD NEW RELEASES!!! CURIOUS GEORGE…Keanu and Sandra B meet again at THE LAKE HOUSE…Dozens of Horror goodies in new super-packages!THE STEPHEN KING COLLECTION…WWE Galore!!Multiple sets of Noir treasureAnd…THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE!!!

PS3 has HDMI

After stating that they had overstepped their bounds and had withdrew the latest HDTV connection standard, HDMI from the system because it was too expensive and complex to implement, Sony has issued a press release this morning –PS3 has HDMIFor more, read ahead…

Superman Returns DVD Info

We have some interesting news today –Superman ReturnsWe have some basic details and did we mention – COVER ART?We have details on an uber-mega 14 disc Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set too…Click ahead to check it out…**Updated – All details and 14 disc boxset details too**

Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on DVD

Walk the plank for the press release and cover art ye scurvy dawgs!

DVD New Releases

DVD NEW RELEASES!!!!! GALACTICA!Collections of Karloff, Fonda and INNER SANCTUM!ELVIRA!!!THE DEVIL & DANIEL JOHNSTON…Chucky in a box! HARD CANDY…And… MY NAME IS EARL… Hey, check this out!… “Hi, I’m Earl. Ya do good things and good things happen!”

Upcoming Disney Titles…

Attention Disney fans and collector’s, there are some upcoming Disney titles that I’m sure you’ll be interested in as we quickly approach the all important 4th sales quarter of the year.We have some info on the latest wave of Walt Disney Treasures tins, as well as the upcoming Platinum Special Editions that are to arrive in the not too distant future.To get a gander at the goods,...[Read More]

Star Trek: Remastered – Review

On September 16th, Paramount began airing a re-mastered, special edition of the original Star Trek TV show to affiliates across North America who had previously been showing Star Trek: Enterprise in syndication. The first episode to air was Balance of Terror.For a mini-review of what to expect,beam yourself up…

You, Me and Dupree for November

Matt Dillion, the gorgeous Kate Hudson annnnnd the Butterscotch Stallion in a single movie? well count me in..Universal Home Video will release You, Me and Dupree on DVD in November and we have all the juicy details and a few bonuses.For all the dish,read ahead…

Yo Adrian – It’s Rocky – AGAIN!

Lipton Brisk Iced Tea Here…Ok, maybe not. But it seems as each year passes three things are inevitable – death, taxes and there will be a re-issue of the Rocky movies on DVD. This year is no different. Dropping in December from Fox / MGM, the first film will be given a well deserved “real” special edition.For the details,touch gloves…


THE GROOVY GHOULIES ARE BACK!!!Our good friends at BCI have just announced that they will release 16 original episodes just in time for Halloween!!!Check it out…

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