Month: August 2006

Glenn Ford (1916 – 2006)

“I know. You can do all these amazing things, and sometimes you think that you will BURST WIDE OPEN unless you can tell someone about it, don’t you?… There’s one thing I know for sure, son. And that is, YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON.” – Jonathan Kent, SupermanSome sad news to pass along to all our fellow movie buffs – Screen legend Glenn Ford has died of natur...[Read More]

Shadow Falls on HORROR CHANNEL

The Horror Channel and Gunn Park Entertainment Present the First Original Online Horror Series“Shadow Falls”Eight Episode, First Season Series Premiere To Culminate Halloween Night on Horrorchannel.comGuttenberg, NJ – “There are towns in which you look for something, and there are towns in which something is looking for you.”

BCI announces new Cult DVD wing!!

Our good friends at BCI have just announced the formation of a new label in their corporation, dedicated to bringing you the very best in Cult, Sci-Fi and Horror DVD… They’ve already launched with great titles like the double feature disc NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES / CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE and the legendary 70’s Sci-Fi flick GALAXINA.Check out the following press release for deta...[Read More]

It’s a Wonderful Life in October

“Teacher says, everytime a bell rings and angel gets its wings”Paramount is going to be releasing the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life with Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart just in time for the start of the season.For details on what to expect,read ahead…


AKEELAH AND THE BEE…Dylan Documentary AFTER THE CRASH…DARKWING DUCK finally flaps onto DVD…New LORD OF THE RINGS sets…THE TICK!!!!And the end of the greatest TV series ever cancelled…ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!! Michael was concerned that he was caught in a lie about his family. The family was concerned that they were being confronted by a woman they had clubbed, drugged, and left on a bench.


DVD NEW RELEASESSILENT HILL…JUST MY LUCK…TV Classics, including THE ODD COUPLE…Cult Classics like THEM!…And THIS ISLAND EARTH…One of my favorite 90’s indies… KICKING & SCREAMING from Criterion…ELMO’S POTTY TIME!!!!and the Holy Grail of Film Noir DVD…DOUBLE INDEMNITY… I killed him for money and for a woman. I didn’t get the money… and I didn’t get the woman.

Yaaaaaarrrrrr, Pirates 2 this December!

Yo ho, yo ho…..We were among the first on the whole of the internet to bring you a look at the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest, and the subsequent release date for the DVD. Now we have a few more bountiful details for the upcoming DVD editions of the movie from the folks over at Disney.Read ahead, but wary ye be -dead men tell no tales…**UPDATE – Fu...[Read More]

Click in October!

Boy that Kate Beckinsale is a hottie. That hair, that smile, those – eyes…Oh yeah, Adam Sandler is in Click too – coming from the folks over at Sony Home Entertainment this October on DVD and Blu Ray.For all the info,click ahead (get it? yeah, that sucked)…

R.I.P. Bruno Kirby

Bruno Kirby, funnyman sidekick, diminutive thespian, and all-around good guy, has passed away from complications due to Leukemia.He was 57 years old.


DVD NEW RELEASES!!!!Horror goodies, including both Dario and Asia Argento!!! Much matching of Eric Rohmer and Criterion…SNAKES ON A….TRAIN?????THE SIMPSONS: SEASON OCHO!!!!Signature Collections for GABLE! STEWART!! REAGAN?THE JEFFERSONS!!! HOGAN’S HEROES!!!APOCALYPSE NOW: THE COMPLETE DOSSIER!!!!And a one-two hit of classic cartoony goodness…MAGILLA GORILLA!!!!!and HONG KONG PHOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MI:III in October!

Just in time for Halloween, you’ll jump the couch for this… Ba Dum Boom..Paramount is releasing Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 3, or MI: III on home video in October. This will mark the first time a major movie hits DVD, HD-DVD and Blu Ray all at once.For the details,read ahead…**UPDATE – 2-disc Artwork Added!!**

Melrose and 90210 in November!

Da na na na, duh na na na….Finally coming to DVD in full out season sets, is everyone favorite 90’s trashy primetime soap’s – Melrose Place and Beverly Hills: 90210 from the folks over at Paramount Home Entertainment.For the juicy details,read ahead…

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