Month: July 2006


DVD NEW RELEASES!!! Todays features???BASIC INSTINCT 2…A FEMME FATALES COLLECTION…Much TV and Comedy…Silent Bob looks at ROADHOUSE…And the ultimate in Samurai Technology…SAMURAI ASSASSIN!!!!And MTI unleashes the reformed Porn hijinx of PIRATES…I AM THE GREATEST PIRATE HUNTER IN THE WORLD!!!

Here’s Looking At You…. Again!

Perhaps the screen biggest legend – Humphrey Bogart is getting a second volume release in Warner Brothers big Signature Series, with Humphrey Bogart: Signature Series II, which will contain another FIVE of his films including: Across the Pacific, Action in the North Atlantic, All Through The Night, Passage to Marseille and a brand new 3-disc special edition of The Maltese Falcon.For more det...[Read More]


DVD NEW RELEASES Multiple multiple 4-movie sets…80’s Classics MY CHAUFFEUR and MY TUTOR…CHARLIE’S ANGELS…and New School DR.WHO!!!

Just My Luck in August

Howdy folks. Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and that our cousins to the south have a happy ID4!This one is for the teenie bopper crowd. We have DVD specs on the recent teen dramedy Just My Luck from Fox Home Entertainment starring one Miss Lindsay Lohan.For all of the exciting details,read ahead…

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