Month: June 2006


Let’s play the game “what am I?”.It’s brown and hairyIt enjoys mischiefIt doesn’t like being spankedIt’s coming to DVD from Universal StudiosCurious? Read Ahead… Reviews Superman Returns

Our man J-Ro was able to get a sneak peek at Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. His typed his thoughts up into a nice review for us to read.It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s time to fly on thru to the Full Story.


DVD NEW RELEASES!!! Much TV…Much Classic B-Movie Horror…Much Piratey Goodness…ULTRAVIOLET…And the long-forgotten Comedy Classic…YELLOWBEARD!!!

Aaron Spelling (1923 – 2006)

There have been a string of news worthy deaths this weekend. Patsy Ramsey, mother (and prime suspect?) of murdered child beauty queen JonBenet. Anna Nicole Smith’s rival E. Pierce Marshall – and Aaron Spelling.Perhaps the most successful television producer of all time, Spelling brought countless shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Charlie’s Angels and Fantasy Island to television. H...[Read More]

AMC’s Broken Trail Reviewed

I had a chance to have an early peak at AMC’s world premiere of their two part western Broken Trail. It stars Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church.For more saddle up and head inside…

UNEARTHED and back from the dead!

Our old pals at UNEARTHED FILMS, the crazy bastards behind such gorefests as the GUINEA PIG collections, EVIL DEAD TRAP II and the kick-ass Japanese Zombiefest JUNK, have a few tidbits of news and seem to be moving into high gear production on a plethora of guilty pleasure horror films.Read on for the bidness, including news on a new Special Ed for the Cult Classic FRANKENHOOKER!!!

HD-DVD Reviewed!!

New Lord of the Rings DVDs!!!!!

Thought there couldn’t possibly be any more bonus material to put in a Lord of the Rings DVD? Didn’t buy the Extended Editions because you’re wallet was too light? Are you a Middle Earth nerd?If you’ve answered yes to even one of the above questions, you need to read about New Line releasing BRAND-NEW Limited Editions of all three Lord of the Rings movies.Journey ahead for ...[Read More]

RV in August!

Yes, yes – Sony Home Entertainment’s RV is essientially a bad remake of the Vacation movies, with Robin Williams in place of the venerable Chevy Chase. This much is true.BUTDid vacation have the luscious Kristin Chenoweth in it? I think not.For the deets,read ahead…

DVD Review: Clark Cable: The Signature Collection is proud and honored to welcome the “classics” division of Warner Home Video to our site. Today, resident cinephile Jeffrey Rosado gives an in-depth review of the latest multi-disc package from the reissue mavens vintage film fans can’t get enough of: Clark Gable: The Signature Series.


DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!! SUPERMANGALORE!!!The original THE OMEN…The remade THE HILLS HAVE EYES…Much Clark Gable…A pantload of TV Classics…And the Russian Cult Epic NIGHT WATCH!!!Go away, you filth! I’ll rip your little head off!

Nightmare on Elm Street InfiniFilm

Horror fans are sure to let the hair on the back of their necks stand up as they read that Freddy Krueger is coming to DVD again.This time, A Nightmare on Elm Street will hit the shiny disc as an InfiniFilm SE DVD from New Line Cinema.For the spooky details,slash ahead…**UPDATED – Cover Art and Official Specs Added**

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