Month: May 2006

Star Wars Original Trilogy Specs

We know that they’re coming. We know when. We’ve been wondering what will be including on the DVDs when the Original Uncut Star Wars hits store shelves in September.If you’re a rebel head on for the details… if not… do it anyway.

Find Me Guilty

Five time Oscar nominee Sidney Lumet’s latest flick starring the brawny Vin Diesel known as Find Me Guilty is coming to DVD from Fox Home Entertainment.We’ve got a release date, cover art, and all around DVD details. Check inside for more…

Dharma & Greg Season One Heading to DVD

The first season of Dharma & Greg will be available on DVD June 13th from Fox Home Entertainment.We’ve got a few details, and some cover art, but the rest… well read on to find out more…

Invasion on DVD

You’re DVD player is going to suffer an Invasion this summer when the ABC hit television series hits shelves on August 22nd.The series stars William Fitchner, Eddie Cibrian, Tyler Labine, Lisa Sheridan, Kari Matchett and Alexis Dziena.Read on for more including the cover art.

She’s The Man – in July

That Amanda Bynes is quickly raising the temperature on the hottie scale. You can catch her next in the unfortunately titled She’s The Man, from Paramount Home Entertainment when the DVD drops this July.For all the details and a little something else,read ahead…

Annapolis in June

Graduating to DVD just in time for the start of summer from Buena Vista Home Video, Annapolis starring James Franco and the lovely Jordana Brewster.To get the details, throw on some Village People and thenread ahead…

Masters of Horror Contest

Go Inside for the Details

Playstation 3 Press Release

If you have a little bit of sticker shock over the price of the PS3, you may be able to come to grips with what you’re getting by reading the official press release, which we just happen to have.To see what Sony has to say for itself, read ahead…


DVD NEW RELEASE DAYMUNICH…THE NEW WORLD…Much Disaster-on-film… including…RUMOR HAS IT…And the double hit of comedy I’ve been waiting for…THE RINGER…and…GRANDMA’S BOY!!!

Playstation 3 price and date

NOVEMBER 1720 Gig Drive -$499 US / $550 Canadian60 Gig Drive -$599 US / $659 Canadian

16 Blocks in June

So this is what Richard Donner has been doing with himself. I missed this one in theaters, but will be happy to give it a spin on DVD. Bruce Willis and the Mos, Mos, Mos Def of em all – Mos Def, star in 16 Blocks from Warner Home Video.To get a look at what the disc will offer,read ahead…

Girls Next Door in August

Two things are inevitable when living in the great white north. Ultra-High taxes and awful TV. Instead of E! Entertainment, us Canuks have to put up with Canadian rip-off channel Star!, so sadly I’ve never seen this fantastic show about life living at the Playboy Mansion.No matter though – coming in August from Fox Home Video, Girls Next Door – Season 1 will drop on DVD.Read ahea...[Read More]

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