Month: April 2006

DVD Review: Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior

WWE fans rejoice. We’ve brought on board one of the most knowledgeable wrestling fans I’ve ever come across. He knows wrestling like baseball fanatics know stats.Say hello to Ryan… and say hello to his first review.

Second Season of LOST Coming to DVD

Everyone’s favorite group of island dwellers are coming back to DVD this fall. That’s right! Fans of the ABC TV series LOST will get to own the complete second season on DVD later this year and we’ve got some goodies about it’s arrival on the silver platters. Plus we have a peek at the potential cover art…**Updated – Final Cover Art and Full Specs**

Mel Brooks Collection Error

Reports are pouring in about a flaw in the Fox Home Entertainment box set: The Mel Brooks Collection.The set includes Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, To Be or Not to Be, History of the World: Part 1, The Twelve Chairs, and High Anxiety.Now onto the flaw…

Revolution has a new name!!!

For all the Nintendo peeps out there, you should be aware that the next generation of your favourite gaming platform has a new name. It is no longer to be called Nintendo Revolution, it will instead be called – Nintendo Wii. As in “we”Yes, I think the name is lame too. But, then again I stoped playing Nintendo a long, long time ago. Hopefully, the capabilities of the system will ...[Read More]

Advance DVD Review: The New World

Our man Jeffrey, yes the same Jeffrey from The DVD Marquee, has taken an early look at the Terrence Malick film The New World.How does this film hold up? Read on to find out

CEN06 Awards

Jonathan and I enjoyed an evening of schmoozing with the who’s who in the Canadian Home Entertainment industry at the 3rd Annual Canadian Entertainment Network Awards.Check inside for the results and some pictures from the glamorous evening.


DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!!!On the list today?A colossal wave of epic catastrophe flicks, including…THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE and THE TOWERING INFERNO…Big ass sets for Robert Altman, Paul Morissey, THE AVENGERS…And Classic Musicals!!!New Extended and recut editions of CASUALTIES OF WAR…THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS…THE PATRIOT, CRUMB And THE WEDDING SINGER!!!And twin hottie alerts with AEON FLUX…And MATCH POINT!...[Read More]

Sony’s E3 Conference

Just a little bit of news to get you excited. Since DVD info has been slower lately, I figured everyone would be interested to know that the Sony press conference at this years E3 Expo will be held at their movie studio in Culver City California, on May 8th at 4PM pst. Of course, the hilight of the conference will be the Playstation 3.All the answers we’re looking for (price, components, blu...[Read More]


DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!Check out the TCM-approved LAUREL & HARDY COLLECTION…Criterion unleashes the fury of Orson. ORSON! ORSOOOOOOOON!!! With MR.ARKADIN…Rereleases of THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT and MOONSTRUCK…Weird Euro-indie BREAKFAST ON PLUTO…And horror rules supreme at Easter…80’s classic BAD DREAMS…A “new” presentation of Paul W.S. Andersons least B.S. movie, the surprisingly watchable EVENT HOR...[Read More]


DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!LAUREL & HARDY!!DAVE ATELL: THE INSOMNIAC TOUR…Collector’s Edition Reissues of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and M:I2…FUN WITH DICK & JANE!!!And Naomi Watts in the hilarious ELLIE PARKER…“I want to play a schizophrenic woman or, like, a blind, lesbian anthropologist.”

Animaniacs in July!

“United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, Republic Dominican, Cuba, Carribean, Greenland, El Salvador too…”Yes it’s true, the Animaniacs are finally on the way to DVD from Warner Brothers Home Video. I’m sure a lot of you WB animation buffs have been drooling for it.To get the whacky details,move ahead…**UPDATE – Full Specs, Trailer and...[Read More]

Final Destination 3

Death is again creeping up on us…Is it your death, or the death of the franchaise? You can be the judge when Final Destination 3 hits DVD in July from New Line Home Video.Tempt fate and check out the specs…

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