Month: December 2005


Shopping days left til Xmas… -2… what the? Get outta here you hobo!Post-Boxing Day DVD RELEASES!!!Featuring…DARK WATER!!!

Recall Recall – Get Your Proper DVDs

In year where mistakes have been more than a few we have some news for folks who wonder how they can get their DVD replaced.Inside you’ll find how to exchange your copy of the Canadian Version of The Island (our review) with English Dolby 2.0 for the specified English Digital Dolby 5.1 track.

(18+) Top Ten Party Schools: Uncensored

Planning on attending college? Like parties, girls and good times?Well then Merry Christmas my friend, its your lucky day. Check out our thread on Top Ten Party Schools: UncensoredNo kiddies! 18+ only.


How many shopping days left?4.5???!!!Already???!!!RUN!RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!The DVD New Releases are here!!!SERENITY…SEVEN MEN FROM NOW…THE BROTHERS GRIMM…THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE…THE GREAT RAID…And Diane Lane being festively hot with Johnny Cusack being as cool as Dobler in…MUST LOVE DOGS!!!HohohohohohohohohohooohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohMotherhumper!

John Spencer (1946 – 2005)

I’m shocked! Absolutely shocked.Actor John Spencer, who skillfully portrayed characters throughout the years in film and on television, has died from a heart attack at age 58. Spencer was playing Vice-Presidental Candidate Leo McGarry on The West Wing, as well as being noted on television for acting on the show LA Law for years.For more on his life and times, please click forward…

New Special Editions

It’s that time of year again.No, not Christmas and the rest of the holidays. It’s time for new editions of movies already on DVD of course. This time we have info on new Special Editions of family fare like Ice Age, the animated Anastasia and for the adults a little bit of Midnight Cowboy.Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwww!To sneak a look,get pre-historic and stomp ahead…**UPDATE – Cover ...[Read More]

The Legend of Zorro on DVD!

I am Zoooooorrooooo!Well, not really. But Antonio Bandaras is, and the sequel to his turn in the black mask is set to hit DVD when The Legend of Zorro drops into stores in 2006.For the details and the cover art,fence ahead…

Golden Globe Nominations

Well here we go again…Award season fast approaching.This morning finds a plethora of Hollywood players with extra presents in their stockings as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hand delivers it’s little nomination envelopes for this years Golden Globes!Read on for the full list and more!


11 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT!!!RUN, BABY, RUN!40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN!!!SIMPSONS: SEASON 7!!!AIRPLANE!!!THE PRODUCERS!!!BIG BAD MAMA!!!DEATH RACE 2000!!!MIAMI VICE!!!FANTASTIC FOUR!!!and…SIN CITY: RECUT & EXTENDED!!!!!!Now… I’ll stare the bastard in the face as he screams to God, and I’ll laugh harder when he whimpers like a baby. And when his eyes go dead, the hell I send him to will seem lik...[Read More]

Richard Pryor (1940 – 2005)

Another icon has passed on.Comedian Richard Pryor, who made audiences laugh with his stand up act, television shows and countless movies, has died at the age of 65 from a heart attack.For more on his life and times, read on…

Superhero Madness!

Told ya so!Warner Brothers has finally announced full volume boxed sets of both Batman Beyond and Justice League for release in 2006.For the preliminary details and cover art,fly ahead…

Denzel Times Two – CRIMSON TIDE SE!!!

“I expect and demand your very best. Anything less, you should have joined the Air Force. “ – Capt. Ramsey, Crimson TideAfter years of promised Special Editions of the excellent Jerry Bruckheimer submarine thriller Crimson Tide (starring a big chunk of today’s biggest Hollywood stars lead by Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington), it seems this time it may actually come true. ...[Read More]

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