Month: November 2005


DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!!!26 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT!!!MR & MRS SMITH…The infamous HAVOC…DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO…A 123 minute Directors cut of Peter Jackson’s criminally underrated THE FRIGHTENERS!!!LEAVE IT TO BEAVER!!!!!FAMILY GUY 3!!!Special Eds of LEGENDS OF THE FALL…A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT…4 MUPPET MOVIES…CSI: SEASON 5!!!Superpacks of the JURASSIC PARK…TREMORS…and THE MUMMY series!!!And muc...[Read More]

Domino hits DVD

“Hello! I’m Keira Knightly. I’m posh and hot! Previously, I had informed you of my movie Domino, where I play now deceased bounty hunter Domino Harvey. Now, I present you the specs of the DVD as brought to you by my boy toy Jonathan. He’s hot.My name is Keira Knightley,and I’m an actress…” – Keira KnightleyClick forward to get the info…

Doom on DVD

Finnnnaaaaallllllyyyy, The Rock has come back….to D – V – D!Hold on to your luggage and check your fears at the door, we’re going to Mars when the video game adaption of Doom starring the people’s (actor?) The Rock hits DVD from Universal Studios.Iffffff yaaaaaa smeeeeeeelllllllll, what eyecravedvd is cookin’…**Details and Temp Cover Art Added**

PSP Review: Infected

Santa’s coming to town, but this time he’s Infected.In our inagural PSP game review my good friend Kurtis, a frequent programmer here and master of the Xbox Gaming League, took a look at the game released by Majesco.Without any further ado… read on… read on…

DVD Review: Seinfeld Season 5 & 6 Giftset

How does a show about ‘nothing’ succeed? That may be question that can never be answered, but with season five and six of Seinfeld out on DVD there must be someting to it.The long running TV-series sees light again in an all-new DVD release. Read on to see that nothing really has something to it.

Pat Morita (1932 – 2005)

“We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate to you, you promise learn. I say, you do, no questions.” – Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid Sadly another icon has passed on and made it to that big stage in the sky. This time, veteran character actor Pat Morita has died at the age of 73. Morita was best known from playing Arnold on television’s Happy Days and later Mr. Miyagi in The ...[Read More]

DVD Review: War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise might be wacko, but his collaberation with Steven Spielberg for the latest adaption of the H.G. Wells classic War of the Worlds is not.Read on for more…

Interview: Scott Di Lalla and Zach Coffman

A short time ago, we brought you a review of an indie film that has been tearing up the festival circuit called Choppertown: The Sinners. Now, Co-Creator’s and Director’s Scott Di Lalla and Zach Coffman sit down with us for an interview about the whole movie making experience. If you are interested in Motorcycles, film, or what it takes to make your own, this is an absolutely fascinating mus...[Read More]


DVD New Release Day…One month til XMAS!…You too can own a piece of history today!KING KONG!!! THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD!!! In a multitude of sets and packages!!!SEINFELD!!! Seasons 5 and 6… With or without YOUR OWN PUFFY SHIRT!!!!A Criterion release of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece RAN!!!WAR OF THE WORLDS…ASTRO-BOY: THE COLLECTION…The underdog championship WORLD SERIES 2005…THE POLAR EXP...[Read More]

The Weatherman & The Fog (2005)

Looks like The Weatherman is going to predict a little bit of The Fog when both of those movies appears on DVD in January.To get a look at what the forecast has to offer, read ahead…

Interview: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is a name you should familiarize yourself with now. This actress-musician is about to be everywhere. She has recently been cast as super teenage sleuth Nancy Drew and her debut album, which is a combination of a partial soundtrack for her TV show Unfabulous and a few original tracks, is in stores now. A few weeks after the release of her album Emma was gracious enough to sit down with...[Read More]

TV on DVD Rumors!! Narf!!!

Although this has been posted in our forums for a few days, it makes sense to post it on the main page too. Fans of JAG, Star Trek, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Batman Beyond will want to read through this article to get an idea of when they can expect those hotly anticipated shows finally on DVD.Right this way….

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