Month: October 2005

Batman Begins RECALL!!!

It seems that those Batman Begins Deluxe Editions were much more collectable then first thought. Warner Brothers has pulled most of them off the shelves and issued a recall to major retailers. It seems the comic book they come with has a rights issue legal problem.For more details, read the whole story…

Corpse Bride on DVD!

Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, the spooky goblins at Warner Brothers have pulled a fast one and released an announcement for Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, starring the dreamy Johnny Depp.For what we know (including the cover art),come inside…**UPDATED – Full Details Now Available**

Green Day: Bullet in a Bible

The musical group known as Green Day will be releasing a DVD documenting two of their biggest performaces in the history of their career.Head on inside for the press release and cover art for this upcoming release.

TV Review: Random 1

Making the world a better place, one person at a time. That’s the premise of A&E ‘s new television show Random 1 that airs starting on November 1st.Is it any good?To find out, you’ll have to make your way inside…

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

With Halloween just around the corner, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has chosen now to annouce that The Exorcism of Emily Rose is coming home to DVD in not one, but two different versions.For the possessed details, creep ahead…


DVD NEW RELEASES!!!A virtual kago of Samurai goodness from the good folks at Criterion!A cornucopia of TV gems!Horror epics galore! Including the “most controversial film of all time”, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST…BEWITCHED!…HOUSE OF WAX…And a little sompin’ sumpin’ called…THE LOONEY TUNES: GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME 3!!!!

DVD Review: Bewitched Special Edition

Another remake of old television series. This time the show that switched lead male actors and no one noticed – Bewitched.How is the movie and how is the DVD? Wiggle your nose or yank your ear inside and find out.

DVD Review: Batman Begins Deluxe Edition

Tim Burton’s version of Batman in 1989 lead to three sequels and what appeared to be the demise of the Batman franchise.Thankfully, Christopher Nolan (Memento/Insomnia) got his hands on Batman and along with scribe David Goyer (Blade Trilogy) created what is being hailed by legions of fans as the best Batman yet. How does his vision of the Dark Knight stand up on DVD… read on Bat-fans ...[Read More]

DVD Review: Batman – Special Edition

Tuesday saw the DVD release of just about every Batman property Warner Brothers has to offer and the question that most fanboys have on their mind is – Does the original 1989 Tim Burton version of Batman have a Special Edition that stacks up to the new Batman Begins DVD?To get the answer, continue to find out!

Transporter 2 Date!

All those die hard Jason Statham fans will be happy to know that a date has been confirmed for the release of his latest flick, Transporter 2 from Fox.and that date is…

Another Warm Welcome

I’d like this moment to welcome onboard another film enthusiast who’s been in the ‘biz’ for 22 years.Jeffrey comes to us with much enthusiasm and great wealth of knowledge concerning film.

A Warm Welcome

Every once in a while we add a new staff member to our review team and this time we had someone apply that’s not only not in the country he’s overseas.Alex, not to be confused with Axel or evilaxel, has come on board to offer us film reviews from across the pond. Read on for a little more…

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