Month: March 2005

The Marronnier Coming to DVD

In the tradition of Child’s Play and Puppet Master comes the terrifying new thriller The Marronnier. The Japanese horror film where puppets run rampant is being released by Elite Entertainment..Check out the trailer inside.

Spaceballs: The DVD Trailer

MGM has released a trailer for the Special Edition re-release of the sci-fi spoof Spaceballs on DVD.Read on for the trailer.

D.E.B.S. on DVD Already?

Wow! That was fast. Only five days after D.E.B.S. hit theatrical screens Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announces it for its DVD release.We have some of the details, cover art, and menu.

WB Tidbits…

The good people over at the home theater forum have gone and held a chat with Warner Brothers last night.If titles like Batman, The Looney Tunes, LA Confidential or any of their other classics interest you, better read ahead…

The Machinist Grinds its Way to DVD

A sickly thin Christian Bale stars at The Machinist and it’s making its way to DVD on June 7th.We have the deets along with the cover art.


The comedy starring Dennis Quaid, Scarlett Johansson, and Topher Grace, In Good Company will hit streets on May 10th.We have the deets and cover art.


IIIIIIIIIIIT’S TUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEESDAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!You know what that means, don’t ya monkeyboy?!DVD NEW RELEASES!!!Todays crop includes a full on collection of ASTROBOY: THE COMPLETE SERIES…CLUTCH CARGO… and THE LONE GUNMEN!!!Flicks ranging from JULES AND JIM to AFTER THE SUNSET…An APOLLO 13: ANNIVERSARY EDITION…Some AC/DC, BEN HARPER and that chick from that show…A whole majestic load ...[Read More]


Universal is set to release three 80’s classic TV series to the DVD medium. MAGNUM P.I., KNIGHT RIDER and THE A-TEAM ,which starred TV heavy weights Tom Selleck, David Hasselhoff and Mr. T, will see a street date of April 12th for their second season release.We have the details and cover art inside. “I PITY THE POOL”

Slew of MGM Announcements

MGM has just announced a slew of new releases coming to DVD in the near future. Titles like Be Cool, Stargate Atlantis: Rising, and Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection.Read on for specs and we’ll bring you cover art once we get them.**Update – Cover Art for Stargate Atlantis added****Update – Cover Art for Be Cool & Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection adde...[Read More]

Film Noir gets in the ring for another round!!

Remember WB’s FILM NOIR CLASSICS COLLECTION from last July?That thing of juicy dark goodness, featuring OUT OF THE PAST, ASPHALT JUNGLE and THE SETUP among others?Well good news kids…There’s another one in the making….READONYOUMAGNIFICENTBASTARDS!!!

CENA ’05 Nominees Announced

Last year I had the privilage of attending the first annual Canadian Entertainment Network Awards, which celebrates DVD releases here in Canada. Not only will yours truly be attending this year’s awards once again, but this time around Axel and I were selected to be involved in the voting process.Read on for the nominees in this year’s awards.

Dah, Dum…

Daaaaaah, Dum…Good news Speilberg fans. Everyone’s favorite shark is getting a new release on DVD come june when Universal releases Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition.To get a look at the early specs, click ahead…**UPDATE – Coverart and Details Added**

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