Month: February 2005

Oscar Winners!

Well, well, well…That was certainly an…um, interesting awards ceremony. I love the fact that the winners were all spread out, but that presentation…urggggghhToo see who won and my observations, check it out….

Phantom of the Opera in May

The latest movie version of the greatest musical ever made is set to hit store shelves on May 3rd. Two different versions of The Phantom of the Opera will be available.We have some details and the cover art for both sets.

MGM to Release Spaceballs: Collector’s Edition

The best sci-fi spoof to ever be made, in my humble opinion, is coming in an all new Collector’s Edition DVD. That’s right folks Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs is coming back to DVD.We have some details on disc, as well as the cover art.

Fox Classics Coming!

Known for taking great care when releasing their classic film library, Fox Home Entertainment is about to add 7 more titles for connoisseur’s to devour –Forty Guns, Broken Lance, Anna and the King of Siam, The Razor’s Edge, The Bravado’s, Drum’s Along the Mohawk and The Best of Everything.For details and coverart, click ahead…

Thundercats, Hoooooo!

Actually, this is mainly going to be an announcement for the 3rd Batman: The Animated Series box set which should finish off the collection.However,We have some long awaited cartoon news. Much requested and beloved show Thundercats is coming to DVD.To hear the details, you gotta read the story…


Hell has frozen over folks!Consider this a rumor that is all but true.According to Disney author, insider, and historian Jim Hill, it seems that the folks at Walt Disney will release their hidden classic Song of the South on DVD in a special 60th anniversary edition in 2006 brimming with extras.No, this is NOT a way early April Fools Joke!For more information, start whistling and read on…

Hell on Wheels – On DVD!

Alright gearheads, listen up -For the Discovery Channel fanatics in the house we have a double offering of motor-filled mayhem and creation. At affordable prices even.Monster Garage and American Chopper season sets are heading this way!Saddle up and ship ’em out…


“Whew, this movie business is tough. I might just have to go back to loan-sharking for a while to get some vacation.”That’s right folks the crazy flick know as Get Shorty is back in an all-new special edition DVD.How about some I Heart Huckabees?The Thing (Michael Chiklis) has two TV-DVD sets comming out today in The Commish: Season 2 and The Shield: Season 3. Plus some Cartman a...[Read More]

House of Flying Daggers Coming to DVD

Sony Pictures Home Entertainemnt (formerly Columbia/TriStar) have announced the DVD for the hottest Asian import House of Flying Daggers starring Ziyi Zhang.Read on for the deets, and check out the cover art.

Sweet DVD Rumors!

Seems that Warner Brothers may have a few high profile classic titles up their sleeve to come later this year.To get the word on a few unconfirmed titles such as new box sets of Ben Hur, The Wizard of Oz, New Jack City, The Outsiders and King Kong -Click on for the full story…

A New Reviewer

As you’ve probably noticed we’ve been a little behind on our DVD reviews as of late. Some of it is my fault some of it that some of the staff as left or run into other things keeping them occupied.Well we’re now making steps to rectify that. Read on for more…

Axel Out of Commission

Were you wondering why this weeks new releases weren’t posted? Well, our good man Axel had some major unscheduled surgery on the weekend.He wasn’t feeling well and when he visited those nice people in the ER they put him under the knife for appendicitis. He’ll be MIA for a few weeks. If you want to send your well wishes to Axel shoot an email to me and I’ll pass it on to hi...[Read More]

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