Month: January 2005

Trek Titles

“The Good of the Many” should be excited over this news. Paramount has announced over the holidays that Star Trek: First Contact Special Edition and Star Trek: Enterprise Season One should be released soon to stores.For the details, beam yourself up…

Some More Titles

After just bringing you an updated list of double dips coming your way soon, here are a few new titles hitting the shelves for the first time.Specifically – Stan Lee’s Stripperalla, Ladder 49, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Finding Neverland.Click forward to check it out…

Sundance Festival Dailies

This year we were invited to do some coverage, well sort of, for the 2005 Sundance Festival.We’ve recently received a press release on the who will be hosting the Festival Dailies on the Sundance Channel at 9pm January 24 through to the 29.Read on for press release…

Double Dips

Since the holidays have come and gone, a whole slew of new DVD announcements have popped up. Here are some DVD’s coming soon to a living room near you that may (in part) already be there.Including –Heat: Special Edition, Apollo 13: Anniversary Edition, Monster: Special Edition, Miss Congeniality: Deluxe Edition and Stand By Me: Collector’s EditionClick on to read the details̷...[Read More]


I’d like to appologize for the slowness and downtime we’ve been experiencing lately. Apparently the server we are on getting DOS Attacks throughout the day. They working on a permanent fix for it. Please be patient while the host resolves the issue.Cheers,Shane


Tuesday, baby!How bout a little M. Night Shyamamalamalamalan?We gots THE VILLAGE!!!Lovin’ the 70’s “I’m OK, You’re OK” vibe?Get a little ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIALS…Classic TV?We got some GILLIGAN’S ISLAND…Classic toons?We got a whack of DISNEY CLASSIC CARTOON FAVORITES!!!Old School Action?KING SOLOMON’S MINES!!!New School Ace?LEON, THE PROFFESIONAL!!!Get it all, and get it now, baby!It’s a brave new...[Read More]

HD-DVD and Mini-DVD Arrives!!

Well, we’re back for a whole new year and to start things off right, how about a little news that should perk up the home theater crowd?During the 2005 CES, or Consumer Electronics Show to you and me, the folks from the HD-DVD project group dropped some major info about timelines, and even a long list of movie titles that will appear on the format at launch. Also, how about something a littl...[Read More]


Well, well, well…It’s now officially the big 2 double-aught 5!The first wave of new releases for this new year.What’s on the plate?How’s about TROY!!!A little HAROLD AND KUMAR???Maybe a little bit of CSI: MIAMI…FRAGGLE ROCK…Or GOD, THE DEVIL AND BOB will float your boat!!!Or maybe, just maybe…You want to check out the double shot of sweet surf documentaries debuting today…RIDE THE WILD SURF and RI...[Read More]

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