Month: January 2005

Errol Flynn – Signature Boxset

The good folks at Warner Brothers have announced some new classic titles starring the swashbuckling moviestar Errol Flynn. Each movie hits DVD for the first time and will be available separately as well as in an Errol Flynn – Signature Collection boxset.For the details, read on…

Sundance News #3

Looks like the fourth show’s going to be good one. Jay Mohr and Alan Cumming sit down at a round table with a couple of festivals directors and stars. I only can imagine what it’s going to be like….Read on for more.

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith Title Crawl!!!

The good folks at 20th Century Fox have unleashed the title crawl for the upcoming STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH!!!Read on if you dare face the unimaginable power of the Dark Side!!

Sundance News #2

Here’s what’s coming for show #3. Tonight they talk to some big names in hollywood. If you have the Sundance Channel it will be worth the watch.Also we have info on how Apple Mac G5’s and Apple Production Suite are helping out with the show.

Sundance News #1

Some more talent is set to join Host Jay Mohr cover the Sundance Festival including Alan Cumming, Mr. Show’s Steve Odenkirk, and Punk’d’s Whitney Cummings… press release will follow. Also news on what to expect on the second show.


Tuesday is upon us again. A beautiful Oscar nomination Tuesday.To tide yourselves over until the big day, check out the immense pile of New Releases in the works for today, including some of the winningest damn Gangster flicks in all of Hollywood history!!! WHITE HEAT!! THE PETRIFIED FOREST!!! LITTLE CAESAR!!!Also on deck today…A ring-a-ding-dandy selection of Rat Pack goodness…A plethora of TV ge...[Read More]

Oscar Noms 2005

OK, here we go!It’s that time of year again and after the boring and ultra predictable awards ceremony last year, we have some genuine suprises this year for the 77th annual Academy see the entire list of nominations (as well as picks from your’se truly) -click on…

Johnny Carson (1925 – 2005)

After inviting him into our homes for over 30 years, the absolute untouchable king of latenight – Johnny Carson, has lost his battle with emphysema and passed away on the morning of Sunday the 23rd of January.He was 79.For more on his life, click forward…

Incredibles DVD Specs

March 15th will the see the release of one of last year’s best movies – THE INCREDIBLES. We now have full details on what the DVD will include, and as with previous Pixar DVD’s it looks, pardon the over used pun, incredible. Cover Art included.


Need a break from those Oh-So-Lonesome, Post-Christmas Blues?Well the DVD is your Saviour, friend…TODAY, on As The Disc Turns…Leapin’ Larry David makes with the HaHa CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM…Halle Berry getting’ on her feline sensuality in CATWOMAN…B-Bob Thornton hits em’ high with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS…The kiddies can check out a double-dose of ALLADIN…The esoteric masses can groove on a li...[Read More]

Lord of the Rings

Golden Globe Winners 2005

Well what an awards show. What started off as somewhat unpredicable turned into…well the totally expected, as the 2005 Golden Globes unfolded.My picks for best speeches of the night – Natalie Portman and her awwwww, ain’t she cute speech and Jamie Foxx for his heartfelt and upbeat musings.Lo-lights? ummm, well did anyone else wonder why Laura Linney just absolutely dunked her fac...[Read More]

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