Month: December 2004

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I’m just going to keep this post simple. We’re going to take some holidays this year. You may see some reviews, but we won’t be back until 2005 officially.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Buyer’s Guide

As in usual fashion we’re late again with our Buyer’s Guide. It’s mostly my fault, but we changed the theme a little and named this year’s guide “Last Minute and After Christmas Buyer’s Guide“.Without any further ado here’s the list compiled by our staff to help you pick out the right DVDs for the DVD lover in your home.Here’s the List

DVD New Releases

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!HAPPY KWANZA!!!SEASONS GREETINGS!!!HAPPY OFT-MISSPELLED JEWISH FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS!!!I know what you’re thinking…It’s almost the “most wonderful time of the year”…Nobody’s going to be putting out DVD’s three days before Xmas…Well, you are WRONG baby!!! Today marks some of the best films of the year to hit DVD!!!Check this out for yer stocking!!!THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE remake!!SHA...[Read More]


Tom Cruise and Big Willie Styles go head to head with Los Hobbits!!!FAMILY GUY gets freakin’ sweet…You will believe that a Nanny can fly!!!And J.T. Kirk heads out again where no man… yadda yadda yadda…Now… give er’ hard… kickitinthelovebumps… and GET IT ON!!!!

Golden Globes 2005

Yes it’s that time of year again!The nominee’s for the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards was just announced in Hollywood.Click forward to read the list…

DVD Artwork for The Incredibles

The latest computer animated film from the wizes over at Pixar will be coming to DVD sometime in April next year, but for now we can tease you with the DVD cover art for THE INCREDIBLES. Check it out…

National Treasure Cover Art

Buena Vista has released some more early DVD cover art (which apparently has been finalized yet) for National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage, Sean Bean and few other fimiliar faces. The DVD is slated to be released in March/April of 2005.Check out the artwork…

Finding Neverland Artwork

We have some early DVD artwork for the Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet starrer Finding Neverland, which is set to hit store shelves sometime in March 2005.Read on the for the cover art…

Cool Trailers

Click on to see…

DVD New Releases

The pre-Christmas DVD Release rush is on!!!MATRIX ULTIMATE EDITION!!!The almighty everlovin’ power of WILD AT HEART!!!THE BOURNE SUPREMACY!!!A BUSTER KEATON COLLECTION!!!Box set upon friggin’ box set!TV crawling out of the woodwork…TOP CAT!!!24: SEASON 3!!!THE FLINTSTONES!!!ABC News Specials, Dogs and cats living together….MASS HYSTERIA!!!And a little DODGEBALL!!!

Close Encounter of the Farrell Kind

Ordinarily, we at eyecravedvd are more interested in individual projects and films then the actors themselves who star in them, but this is too cool.Seems a colleague and friend to a relation of mine had a first hand run in with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood just recently over the US Thanksgiving holiday.Why should you care? The star in question was none other then Colin Farrell who is cur...[Read More]

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