Month: November 2004


It’s a pretty quiet week for DVD lovers…Aside, of course, from the Juggernaut known as SPIDER-MAN 2!!!But there’s a few other little tidbits, like the BILLY MADISON / HAPPY GILMORE Special Editions, and at least one other HERO on the shelves…(That is my “bad pun” allotment for the year. I was saving it up, but I’m running out of time here…)Anyhoo…GET IT ON – TRUE BELIEVERS!!!

Studios draw a line!

Oh boy!The Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD groups have begun to form, even before either has been released.Today 4 movie studios have thrown their support behind a format. To find out what and which, click forward to read…

Enterprise DVDs?

Anyone been watching Star Trek: Enterprise lately? Well, if you were to say NO then you wouldn’t be alone. In my opinion the show has been aweful overall. However, a glimmer of hope these last two airings. The show has actually been good. It almost amazes me to say it. Granted, it was only the last two episodes I’ve dug over the last 4 seasons, but they were actually enjoyable. Who kne...[Read More]

Return of the King EE Trailer

About to be unleashed on home video December 14th, completing the 12 hour long odyssey all over Middle Earth, has posted a 6 minute featurette to entice fans before the Return of the King – Extended Edition set debuts.To check it out: click here

I, Robot Japanese Package

Why? Oh, why? do the Japanese get all the good stuff?If you remember earlier this year we showed you the Alien Quadrilogy package they got. Plus, you probably remember reading about the nice set they received for Kill Bill as well.Well, it appears Fox Home Entertainment Japan is giving them some more goodies this time for I, Robot.

DVD New Releases

“Mulva”“Yo Yo Ma”“Boutros Boutros Ghali”“These Pretzels are makin’ me thirsty!”“NO SOUP FOR YOU!!”The show that changed the world…SEINFELD!!!!There’s some other stuff… a Harry Potter here, a Tom Hanks there…But let’s be honest. Nothing more needs to be said…Except…“Heelllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… La La La!!!”

Hoosiers: CE Coming In March

The Gene Hackman and Denis Hopper starrer will street March 8th in a new 2-disc Collector’s Edition DVD.Read on for the official press release and specs.**Updated – Cover Art Added**Updated – New Release Date


Tuesday is TVDVD Day!!Everything from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCESPACE GHOST: COAST TO COASTAnd THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW…To FRASIER, SMALLVILLE…ANDROMEDA, THE OFFICE, THE COMMISH…PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE, KIDS IN THE HALL…And BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY!!!Also hitting you full in the face today…ELF!!!Jimmy Cagneys last stand in RAGTIME!!!And for all of the Bald Headed Disciples Of Vin…THE CHRONICLES OF RI...[Read More]


Currently tearing up the boxoffice with nearly $150 million dollars in domestic sales alone, Pixar’s The Incredibles would make a really cool DVD wouldnt it?I wonder what the discs would look like and when they would show up?Well, wonder no further and read ahead for a waaaaay early look…

Elektra Poster Peek

So what’s better then one pic of a hot chick? How about 6 pics.We have a look at 6, count em – 6 possible posters to be used to market the movie Elektra starring the luscious Jennifer Garner.To check em out, click ahead…

BIG Criterion Set!

So, you’re a poor movie buff and you just won the lottery. What do you do?Well, if you’d like an instant movie collection of some of the classic films of the past you click forward to read on…Click on if you’re curious too, this should drop your jaw…

WB TV-DVD Titles

Life has been a little crazy lately so my usual updates have fallen behind. So, here are a bunch of new TV on DVD releases from Warner Bros.We’ve got quite a few titles here from The Dukes of Hazzard to The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air to Night Court.

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