Month: September 2004


Hey y’all Movie lubbers!!The Evil One here, reporting almost live from the Calgary International Film Festival!!!What is a Calgary, you ask?Film Festival, you say?International?Evil who, now?Read it or get off the pot biznitches!!

Yubb Yubb!

Hey folks. While everyone is waiting for our near imminent review of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, we have some Ewoks artwork for you.To check it out, use the force…

Rocky Anthology DVD Trailer

Earlier this month we showed you the Rocky Anthology cover art for the new box set due out this December.Now, we’re bringing you the Rocky Anthology DVD Trailer.

DVD New Releases

“There have been many ideas of what Texas is, what it should become, and we are not all in agreement. But I’d like to ask each of you what it is you value so highly that you are willing to fight and possibly die for. We will call that Texas.”Remember THE ALAMO!!!Also hitting the streets today‚ĶA slew of documentaries, both excellent and controversial‚ĶKen Burns in all his Americana...[Read More]

Star Wars Trilogy Audio Fiasco

As some of you are aware there are some audio glitches with Star Wars IV: A New Hope in the new Star Wars Trilogy boxset.I first read of the news on The Digital Bits and than Jonathan reported in our forums.We’re now seeing more and more reports on this issue. I’ve compiled what I found while doing some research today.Read on for more…

Hyped Up!TM Volume #2.2

Tuesday – JUST BRING IT!In this weeks Hyped Up!TM check out what the Canadian Connection have to say about this weeks coming DVD releases.IF YA SMELLLLALALALALLL WHAT I’M COOKING!

Return of the King Extended Edition Details

Alright orks, elves, hobbits and whatever else.This is the info everyone has been waiting for – The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – Extended Edition DVD details…Phew, I’m out of breath now.You know what to do…**UPDATE – Artwork Added****UPDATE – Extended Edition Trilogy Details Added**

Coming Soon from Lions Gate

We’ve just gotten some news from Lions Gate Home Entertaiment about some of their upcoming November releases. Plus some exciting news about one of this summers scary films.Read on minions… read on

Spider-Man 2 Auction

Love the movie Spider-Man 2? Have DEEEEEEEP pockets and an urge to help out a good cause? Then this is definately for you.Intrigued? Swing ahead for the details on a very cool auction…

Bambi Artwork

The folks at Disney have released the artwork for the Bambi: Platinum Edition that’s coming in March.To get a gander, make your way into the forest…

Star Wars Trilogy Easter Eggs Are Here

I know that you’ve all been wondering where the eggs are for the Star Wars Trilogy. Well friends, head into our Easter Eggs section to see what’s available. If you find another egg don’t hesitate to let us know.Or access the Star Wars Trilogy Easter Egg here.**UPDATE – New Egg Found****UPDATE – Another New Egg Found**

The Lion King Trilogy Box Set

With all three Lion King movies available individually Disney will be releasing a pretty box set just in time for Christmas.We have the cover art we’ve even reviewed all three movies that will be in the set… check out the deets. On December 7th own the magic or wrap it up for a loved on stick under the Chirstmas tree. The set will contain the same 3 DVDs that are currently available an...[Read More]

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