Month: August 2004

DVD New Releases!

Hey Kids,Late edition today…A goodly load of fantastismo for ya, including…THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST…VIDEODROME and SLACKER Criterion Editions…THE BILLY MADISON/HAPPY GILMORE COLLECTION…A whack of early Xmas swag…TV tidbits galore…And that fancy STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Season One set!!!

DVD Game Guide for T3: The Redemption

When Terminator 3: The Redemption hits store shelves on November 7th buyers at Gamestop and Electronics Boutique will receive an iTips Game Guide companion DVD.Read on for mode details…

Attention Stoners!!

If you’re a fan of the excellent work of Oliver Stone then it may interest you to know that the Oliver Stone Collection is being expanded and re-released. If you already have the original huge 11-disc set it may interest you to know that the price for the box has essientially BEEN CUT ABOUT IN HALF prompting myself (a proud owner) to throw my computer monitor through the closest convenient w...[Read More]

Full Deets for Chronicles of Riddick

We reported earlier this month about The Chronicles of Riddick DVD release due out November 16th.We now have full details on what you can expect plus the final cover art…

Arrrrrrr! Pirates of the Caribbean 3-Disc On the Way

Good news my mateys. Disney has announced plans to release a 3-disc edition of Pirates of the Caribbean this November 2nd.We have some of the details, as well as a package shot.

Revised Cover Art for TROY

Seems as though WB has changed their minds on what the cover art for Troy should look like.Read on to see the difference…

Man was in the Forest!

It seems the house of mouse has decided to bring yet another of its classics to DVD in a 2-Disc set when Walt Disney’s 4th animated classic Bambi hits stores in early March.Bambi will indeed be their Platinum title for the year, killing rumor that honor would befall The Little Mermaid or Pinocchio. For some preliminary details, head into the forest…**UPDATE – Full Details and Art...[Read More]

Ed Wood Problems Explained

After 2 delays, eBay Auctions and the aggravation of fans, there is now an explaination to what is keeping Ed Wood from making its appearance on DVD.For the reasons why and what will and will not be included in the special edition click on…

The Future is Now?

Well Holy Crap!Optware Corp in Japan has developed an optical disc about the same size as a standard DVD or CD that can hold, get this – ONE TERABYTE using HOLOGRAPHIC technology. Yes, you read that right – Thats a spicy meatball!!For pics and an explaination of what may be possible read on…

More On Terminator 3: The Redemtion

On September 7th Atari will be releasing Terminator 3: The Redemption for the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. We have some game play video and screen shots for your excitment.Keep moving… always keep moving…

Best Buy Giveaway…

According to Best Buy has been giving away a free Universal Studios DVD that contains a number of trailers for the upcoming fall NBC line-up as well as classic Universal television shows such as…

Full Details on the Matrix Trilogy Boxset

“There is no spoon”Coming soon to a DVD player near you will be the 10-disc collector’s edition of The Matrix. We now have the full details of the release along with some more pictures and artwork.**UPDATE – Matrix Trilogy Ultimate Collection Trailers Added**

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