Month: July 2004

2004 VSDA Award Winners!

The VSDA, otherwise known to the common man as the Video Software Dealers Association, have bestowed their annual awards for DVD excellence upon the deserving recipients.To learn who won keep reading, you may just own a few of the titles…

In The Air Tonight!

What was thought impossible just a short time ago is turning into reality now that NBC has merged with Universal Studios. Once caught up in a legal mess making any appearance on the shiny disc near impossible, word has it 80’s fan favourite Miami Vice is finally coming to DVD in a full first season box set.But that’s not all folks, more TV is coming too…check it out!

DVD New Releases

Tuesday is here. I will dispense with the pleasantries…Check out the list. The list will provide for you.The list is all. The list is good.


Wanna know who’s showing up in Petey Jackson’s Big Ace remake of KING KONG???Read on you damn dirty apes!!

Caped Crusader Hiring!

Wanna be in Batman: Begins? Live in Chicago? Then the Dark Knight is looking for you. An open casting call has gone out for extras to fill up space in the latest incarnation of the defender of Gotham ASAP.Wanna know how? Read on to learn.

Best Buy Exclusives!

Best Buy has gone and done it again. Many will probably remember Best Buy struck a deal to exclusively distribute the Rolling Stones box set Four Flicks much to the uproar of other retailers. Some competitors went as far as pulling Rolling Stones products from their shelves in protest. This time a deal has been struck for exclusive DVD editions with distributor Anchor Bay for three popular televis...[Read More]


Tuesday, five AM. I woke with a 3 day beard and a 9 day hangover. Taste of cigarettes and Johnnie Walker Red in the back of my throat. I had an itch. An itch I was aiming to scratch until I was raw and bloody. I had to get to the store and pick up my fix. First a couple of eggs and a slab of ham-steak…NEW RELEASE DAY!!!A smugglers feast of Film Noir goodness, with not one, but TWO sets of Noir cla...[Read More]

Universal Announces Van Helsing

Dracula’s worse nightmare is coming to DVD and his name is Van Helsing. The Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale starrer will hit store shelves October 19th.Keep reading for the specs and extras… cover art to follow

The Iron Giant Special Edition

Warner Bros. Video will be unleashing the instant animated classic The Iron Giant in an all new Special Edition DVD.Of course I don’t need to tell you what we have if you read on…

Fear Her Species

Our good friends over at MGM have announced a new edition of Species. You know that movie that started a very naked and very hot young Natasha Hendstridge among others.We have the gritty details along with the oh so sexy cover art…

Marlon Brando RIP

Marlon Brando – screen legend, notorious eccentric, known as much for his prodigious girth as for his immense acting abilities, passed away yesterday from undisclosed causes. He was 80 years old.Read on for more

Format Wars – The WB Strikes Back

Greetings Craveaholics!A not so long time ago, in a board room far far away…If you haven’t heard there is a format war going on. Not a VHS or Beta type war. Not even an SACD or DVD-Audio type of war. This is new warfare. In this format war the end product hasn’t even been fully put to market yet. Confused? We’re talking a High Defination optical format and things just got a...[Read More]

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