Month: July 2004

Frankly My Dear…

After previous efforts to bring the classic to DVD resulted in releases that fell short of the mark, Warner Brothers is lavishly bringing Victor Fleming’s landmark film Gone With The Wind to classic film connoisseur’s in a 4 disc DVD set.For details, please continue…

The Day After Tomorrow Freezes Onto DVD

In October the earth, more specifically the US, will be revaged by extreme weather as stars Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal try to survive on DVD in The Day After Tomorrow.We have cover art with special collectible lenticular packaging and dvd specs just for you.

Clerks: 10th Anniversary News

The movie that put Kevin Smith on the map and helped launch his career is coming back to DVD in a 3-disc collector’s edition.We have the gritty details on the Clerks: 10th Anniversary Edition release, as well as the final cover art.

Batman: Begins Trailer!!!

Finally!!! After talk about running in front of Spiderman 2, Catwoman, I,Robot! and a few other movies – The Batman: Begins Trailer is here!For a look click the link and for a look at a leaked image of the Batsuit keep on reading.

DVD New Releases

Tuesday Baby!!!A crazy load of awesome TV maniacal goodness!!!ANDROMEDA!!! CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS!!!DARK SHADOWS!!! NEW AVENGERS!!! A TOUCH OF FROST!!!SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!And V: THE COMPLETE SERIES!!!!Giddddddddyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!

Official Episode III Title!

The news is now official. Speculated on by fans and actually guessed correctly some time ago, George Lucas has annouced the title for Star Wars: Episode III during the Comicon convention in California.Use the force and move on to learn what it is…

Iron Giant SE Gets Pushed Back

Originally slated for an August release The Iron Giant Special Edition DVD has been pushed back to November 16th.WB has also changed the case from a snapper to an amaray case. Check out the revised art work…

Return of the King Extended Edition DVD Update #2

I know that many of us having been craving some details, even package shots, for the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition DVD.Well friends… thanks to we can show you the packaging and gift in the gift set.*Updated – More pictures have surfaced for this gift set at the Home Theater Forum.

Van Helsing Cover Art

Universal announced earlier this month the DVD release of the Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale starrer Van Helsing. When we published the original story we didn’t have the cover art… Well, now we do.Read on to check it out.

Jerry Goldsmith Dies!

Famed composer of scores from The Planet of the Apes, Patton, Alien and of course the theme to Star Trek The Motion Picture and The Next Generation – Jerry Goldsmith has died in his sleep after a bout with cancer. He was 75.For more on his career, please continue…

New Releases

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!Kinda makes ya think of Togas somehow…Give it up for the Tuesday stuff…Including the Huggy Buzizzle!!

MGM Scam?

Some very disturbing news has come to light concerning MGM‘s bargain bin DVD titles. Ordinarily, when a title reaches a bargain bin in a local retailer it has been out on DVD for sometime already and the price has been reduced to a point where it can’t get any cheaper. However, its usually the same disc that debuted at a much higher price point. MGM seems to think that’s not good...[Read More]

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