Month: June 2004

Japanese Goodies!

Why is it that the Japanese always get the coolest stuff? If you recall from a while back Miramax and Fox’s Home Entertainment Divisions chose to bestow upon the Japanese market an uber-cool Kill Bill box set with a T-shirt and various other play things, and also an Alien Quadriliogy set that came in a skull of the Alien itself.Now it seems that they are getting even cooler swag. Star Trek a...[Read More]


OK, OK…Sure there are some doozies out today…Special Editions of THE DRILLER KILLER…THE ENGLISH PATIENT…And one of the funniest films of all time… BLAZING SADDLES!!!Newer fare, like COLD MOUNTAIN and BARBERSHOP 2…And crazy TV action from WONDER WOMAN to LITTLE HOUSE…SOUTH PARK to …DAWSON’S CREEK to DICK VAN DYKE…But let’s be honest kids, we all know what we are here for today.Two words and a hyphe...[Read More]

Deja Vu?

No, this isn’t the poster for Universal’s Spy Game. It’s the poster for the upcoming New Line thriller Cellular, starring Kim Basinger. For other small movie news tidbits read on.

Spiderman 2.5 DVD

Howdy Folks!With Spiderman 2 about to hit theaters this is timely:Seems that Columbia is jumping on the bandwagon and is gonna be making an extra special Spiderman 2 DVD edition called Spiderman 2.5 once they finish selling us the first disc. At least they had the courtesy to tell us ahead of time.Read on to see the rest of the story


Today is a quieter day for DVD releases. No screaming huge megarelease Studio fare…Except BAD SANTA and it’s counterpart BADDER SANTA…And the Johnny Depp as haunted writer flick SECRET WINDOW…There are a number of awesomely huge “classic” collections featuring 50 or so Westerns, Horrors, Comedies and Family flicks!!You can also pick up a few Tube treats like JOE SCHMOE SHOW: SEASON ONE UNCENSORED…...[Read More]

Star Wars Trilogy DVD Trailer

My oh my what a glorious day!For those of you don’t have Hyperspace accounts you can now see the trailer in its entirety. Read on to find out how.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Gets New Cover Art

Miramax is just messing with our heads. We’ve already seen two other supposed final art for the upcoming DVD, but they have once again changed it in favor of this new one.

Walking Tall Cover Art

Without spewing out the same stuff as before here is the link to the previous Walking Tall article with the DVD specs and extras.Move on for the cover art…

Star Trek Generations Coming to DVD

Trekkies of the world rejoice. Paramount is unleashing a Special Collector’s Edition of The Next Generation crews first movie.Star Trek Generations is expected to hit shelves early in September.We have the suspected list of specs, bonus materials and the cover art… check it out.

Star Wars Trilogy Cover Art – It’s HERE!!!

I think this fits under cravings – don’t you.Lucasfilm Inc. and Fox Home Entertainment have sent us the cover art for each individual disc for the highly anticipated Star Wars: Trilogy boxset.Check it out…


This DVD Release Tuesday “DO THE BARTMAN” with The Simpsons: Season 4.Along for the ride are some other crazy TV series to add to your illustrious collection: Nip/Tuck: First Season, Curb Your Enthusiasm: Second Season, and Dead Like Me: First SeasonBe sure to pick up The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury on DVD.And don’t forget about the boy trapped in man’s body latest 50 ...[Read More]

Disney Prepping Mulan Special Edition

Coming to DVD in a store near you in October will be Disney’s Mulan: Special Edition.Want to know the specs? The bonus features? See the artwork? Well then… read on…

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