Month: May 2004


Has your life been sorely lacking in Direct-to-Video goodness?Are you chomping at the bit for a little of that good ol’ Indie cornbread?Read on to find out about two upcoming releases from our incomparable friends at MTI!!TROPIXandBritish WWII Cult-horror THE BUNKER!!Giddy-up!

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury Video

We have just received a link to a first video look of the animated campanion to The Chronicles of Riddick movie coming out next month.Read on to access the clip from Dark Fury.


Well, the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy has finally come full circle, and those of you (I’m guessing only three or four INSANE people here) who do not own any of the films on DVD can finally pick up a full set of the Theatrical versions in the LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY Box Set.Also on the menu today…BUBBA HO-TEP…A whack of Brady Bunch flicks…FRASIER, CHEERS and NORTHERN EXPOSURE sets…A massive wave of...[Read More]

Hellboy’s Coming… to DVD

Columbia Tri-Star has announced the release date for a 2-disc Special Edition of Hellboy on July 17th.We’ve got the info on the specs, extras and the cover art. Plus some details concerning a 3-disc Director’s Cut DVD.*Updated with a more detailed extras list*

New Releases

Tuesday, baby! Tuesday!A couple of good TV boxes, a couple of new releases…Big Bad Donny Bartelotti in the trippy PAYCHECK…A megabucket of Samurai craziness from World Video and Criterion…And a sweet pantload of catalogue treasures are released in Special Ed’s and First offerings…ANGEL HEART, ENTER THE DRAGON…THE GREAT ESCAPE, THE DAY AFTER…WYATT EARP and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY!!!OHMAHGAWD...[Read More]

Aladdin Platinum Edition Specs

October 5th this year will see the release of yet another one of Disney’s Plantinum releases. This time Aladdin will be the title they restore to its absolute best.Read on for the DVD details and cover art.

Join The Team

Do you have a niche for writing? Do all you friends come to you for information on DVDs? If you do then is looking for you.We’re still looking for one more person to join team “EyeCraveDVD”Read on for the details…

The Whole Ten Yards Coming to DVD

Our friends over at Warner Home Video have announced the release of The Whole Ten Yards. July 27th will see the release of this DVD.Read on for the limited specs and cover art.

Miramax Announces Kill Bill Vol. 2

Miramax has dropped some news for Kill Bill fans. August 10th will see the release of Kill Bill Vol. 2 on DVD.Read on to see the details.

Marxist Mayhem!!

BOX SET BONANZA IS BACK ON THE AIR!!!Today on the big big show…WB unleashes a septet of Classic (and not-so-classic) comedy with THE MARX BROTHERS COLLECTION…How do you get an elephant in your pajamas? Read on!


TV Tuesday!!!Check out classic TV on DVD, from THE JETSONSTo THE WALTONS…JONNY QUEST…GUNSMOKE and HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL…Not to mention the toast of last week… Friends: The Series Finale already on Disc!!!As far as other treats go…How about new Special Ed’s of INDEPENDENCE DAY…WYATT EARP…and the very cool Rutger Hauer/ Sly Stallone flick NIGHTHAWKS…And for those of you intrigued by the KILL BILL sty...[Read More]

Passion of the Christ DVD Release Date & Cover Art

*Updated*The cover art has hit the web for the box office mega weight The Passion of the Christ. A little more information has surfaced regarding the release of this movie.Continue on to learn more.

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