Month: April 2004

Exclusive: Dark Fury Trailer

This doesn’t happen often at, but we’ve got an exclusive first look at The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury trailer. Read on to find how you can see it.

New Releases

It’s TERROR TUESDAY!!!A whole friggin’ magilla of Horror classics…From Universal’s MONSTER LEGACY COLLECTION…To the HAMMER HORROR COLLECTION…Also check out STUCK ON YOU…James Cameron’s GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS…LOVE ACTUALLY…Tim Burton’s BIG FISH…And the long-awaited debut of the underrated historical drama…FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY…


In response to the overwhelming numbers of “Box Sets” pouring out of the studios, we here at EYECRAVEDVD have decided to take things to a new level by introducing a new column which I am tentatively calling BOXSET BONANZA!!!This new column will be dedicated to Box Sets and we DVD-Zillas who love them.That having been said…What do you get when you mix a cult of English Vampires, murderous smalltown...[Read More]

TCOR: Dark Fury Anime Cover

Back in early March we brought you news that Universal was planning on releasing an anime tie-in, titled Dark Fury, for The Chronicles of Riddick movie coming out this summer. We now have the cover art for the Dark Fury DVD.

Batman: The Animated Series Coming to DVD

Woooohooo. Finally some good news. Warner Home Video is prepping the release of Batman: The Animated Series on DVD this July. The first volume will street July 6th and we have some details and the cover art on this upcoming release.

TCOR: Pitch Black Details

Universal will be re-releasing the cult favorite Pitch Black with a new look and a new title. The changes isn’t major as UHV has only pre-appended the title to make it: The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black. We now have the cover art and the DVD details.

Explosive Edition of Bourne Identity Announced

With the past few weeks being a little lite on the news we’re seeing all kinds of announcements this week. Universal is planning on re-releasing the Matt Damon starrer, The Bourne Identity, in an all new Explosive Extended Edition on July 13th just before the release of the sequel, The Bourne Supremacy.Read on for the Cover art and disc details.

Predator Collector’s Edition Deets

Before they were Govenors they co-starred in Predator. Arnold Schwarzenegger survived the battle and Jesse Ventura was the first to go, but we’ll get to relive the battle July 20th when this 2-disc Collector’s Edition hit store shelves.Read on for the cover art and disc specs.

Star Wars Trilogy DVD Specs Released has officially released the details for the upcoming Star Wars Trilogy Box Set due in September. Check out what bonus materials Lucas has included for Star Wars fans.

DVD New Releases!!!

Tuesday falls upon us once again and provides a bevy of tasty treats…New versions of WILD THINGS and REEFER MADNESS…A pantload of new Criterion items…The return of the INGMAR BERGMAN COLLECTION…A big, fancy new A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN…And the ultimate in Chris Walken acoutrements…KING OF NEW YORK: SPECIAL EDITION!!!Now… let’s all enjoy 4/20/04 in our own special ways…Rock-a-hula, b...[Read More]

Box Office Results

KILL BILL avoids box office PUNISHMENT while the JOHNSON FAMILY was on VACATION. HELLBOY enjoyed the new HOME ON THE RANGE.

DVD New Releases

“Those of you lucky enough to have your lives take them with you. However, leave the limbs you’ve lost. They belong to me now.”Nuff said?Go… right now… pick up KILL BILL: VOLUME 1…There are other films on the list, feel free to read on and increase your awareness, but all else pales in compare…

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