Month: March 2004

Underworld: Unrated Extended Cut in May

It’s no surprise to see Columbia TriStar wanting to reach into our pockets again for another edition of another one of their already released titles.We have the details for the Underworld: Unrated Extended Cut that’s due out May 25th.*update – CTHE has officially announced the release. We’ve updated the specs and now we have the cover art.


Tuesday, O’ TuesdayHow our love doth flow freely,In anticipation of your wiles…Today’s specials include the brit fave CROUPIER…FUTURAMA: VOLUME 3…A garbanzo-fest of Raquel Welch classics like MOTHER, JUGS AND SPEED…The long awaited debut of Mr. Spielberg’s opus SCHINDLER’S LIST…And the even longer awaited debut of Anchor Bay’s reissue of the ultimate Zombie classic…DAWN OF THE DEAD!!!“When there&#...[Read More]

Return of the King Details Announced

Big Oscar winner The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King has been announced by New Line Cinema. We have the cover art details, menu shots and the specs. Check them out.

Kiss Me Kate Replacement

Warner Bros. is going to issue replacements to those of you who got the recent release of Kiss Me Kate on DVD.

The Passion Dominates the Box Office

I’m sure most people out there thought another movie was going to bump The Passion of the Christ from the top spot, but with another $50 plus million this weekend we’re all beginning to wonder just how much will this film pull in.

Chronicles of Riddick Anime DVD?

Universal is taking a page from Warner Bros. For the upcoming film The Chronicles of Riddick Universal will be releasing an Anime DVD for the film.That’s right… an anime feature. Read on for the current details.UPDATE – Photos added


After an historical, yet less-than-exciting, Oscar Sunday…You’re all ready for a knock-down, drag-em’-out, kick-ass Tuesday of DVD New Releases, right?Well, fear not, my little DVD Compadres…Today brings the release of some hilarious new “classics” like DUPLEX…Good Ol’ JB bringin it to the house in SCHOOL OF ROCK…And the bizarro “romantic comedy” DOG PARK…Some legendary classics in the CHAPLIN COL...[Read More]

The Passion of the Christ Reviewed

Aric has taken an in depth look at The Passion of the Christ. As I was away all last week getting sunburnt in the Caribbean I haven’t had the chance to post it until now.Read on, but be warned there are spoilers for those of you who don’t know anything about Christ’s life.

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