Month: March 2004



Zoinks! The Gang’s Number One

Scooby Doo helped solve the mystery of The Ladykillers. This is all thanks to having The Passion of the Christ. They were able to avoid the Dawn of the Dead by avoiding the Jersey Girl.

Matrix Trilogy Box Set

Looks like fans of the series can look forward to a box set of the hit Trilogy known as The Matrix.We’ve got some details from the production company working on the set, but that’s about it for now.

Giddy Up! Blazzing Saddles Coming to DVD

The Mel Brooks comedy Blazing Saddles will soon be released on DVD sporting a 30th Anniversary flair.We’ve got the specs and the cover art for you.


Tuesday means hope.Tuesday means promise.Tuesday means love and happiness.Tuesday means DVD.This Tuesday also means BEYOND THE MAT: RINGSIDE SPECIAL EDITION…Halle Berry in GOTHIKA…Underplayed gems SHATTERED GLASS and THE SINGING DETECTIVE…A collection of Weezers best videos entitled WEEZER: VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE 1991 – 2002…IGGY & THE STOOGES: LIVE IN DETROIT 2003…The long-awaited upscale relea...[Read More]

New Spider-Man DVD Cover Art

Columbia TriStar is at again re-releasing another of titles to masses. This time it’s Spider-Man that will be hitting the streets again this coming June. We’ve got the cover art and DVD details.

Star Wars Old Trilogy Box Set Cover Art

It’s big news around the web that Star Wars, the original trilogy, will be released this September, but while some of you are longing for the details we’ve got the cover art, which is posted at

Dawn of the Dead Box Office Leader

The Dead took over the box office this weekend. The Passion slipped for the first time in 4 weeks and Angelina Jolie is still looking good.

Revised Return of the King Cover Art

It’s not that big of a shock that New Line has updated the cover art for their 11-time Oscar winning title, The Return of the King.Continue on the view it.


Today’s Tuesday New Release Day is brought to you by the letter C…As in COLOSSEUM: A GLADIATOR’S STORY,CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, the 1950 classic…Mike Myers teaming with Richie Cunningham for THE CAT IN THE HAT…And my Irish eyes are smiling… THE COMMITMENTS finally gets Special Ed treatment!!!Gotta gotta nanana gotta get-it-on…

Welcome To Mooseport Coming to DVD

The Ray Romano and Gene Hackman comedy, Welcome to Mooseport is making a speedy appearance on DVD. After a dismal showing at theaters 20th Century Fox is rushing the DVD to store shelves.We’ve got the deets and cover art.

Gibson’s Passion Still King

See the The Passion of the Christ through the Secret Window my friends, Starsky & Hutch. Their faithful steed Hidalgo has met Agent Cody Banks in London after racing across the desert.

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