Month: February 2004

Ingmar Bergman Collection recalled!!

The brand spankin’ new INGMAR BERGMAN COLLECTION, and more specifically the Special Edition versions of HOUR OF THE WOLF and SHAME contained therein, have been recalled by MGM Home Entertainment.There is an apparent problem with the Aspect Ratio on these two films, which were released yesterday as seperate discs and 2 of the 5 discs in the Collection Box Set. Read on for all of the details f...[Read More]


Tuesday, February 10, 2004…DVD New Releases are eclipsed by the awe-inspiring news of the long-awaited announcement of the STAR WARS TRILOGY…Well, guess what?! THAT”S ALREADY HISTORY!!!Today, get yer buns out on the streetand pick up some of these tasty treats!!THE BEST OF ABBOTT AND COSTELLO!!INTOLERABLE CRUELTY!!THE LION KING 1 ½ !!!And Val Kilmer whippin’ it out as the legendary John Holmes in ...[Read More]

Fox Sets Sail with Master and Commander

Announcements… announcements. It just never stops in the wonderful world of DVD.Multiple Oscar nominee Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World has also been announced today. The DVD will set sail in a two-disc special edition. We’ve got the details and a packaging image.

Star Wars Old Trilogy on DVD in September

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it. It look as though all the rumors are true. September 21st will see the release of the ultimate original Sci-Fi trilogy… STAR WARS.

Aladdin Platinum Edition Announced

You go away for a couple of days and look what happens.Our friends from Disney have announced the release date and specs for the Platinum Edition of Aladdin.

Tops at the Box Office

At the local Barbershop there was a Miracle. Just when they thought they were about to be SERVED Along Came Polly to dispute the matter.In other news The Butterfly Effect may have triggered rain in Alaska today when a local butterfly flapped its wings.

CEN Awards Winners

Last night was the first ever Canadian DVD Awards hosted by the Canadian Entertainment Network.Free booze, free food, and free swag were available to all those who were there.(pictures to follow)


Our Fearless Leader, Shane-O Mizzack, is off in Toronto attending the CANADIAN ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK AWARDS.On his freshman correspondent gig, Big Shane will be hobnobbing with the DVD industries finest, as well as a raft of celebs, including WWE’s lovely super-diva Trish Stratus!!So stay tuned for our on-the-spot reporters intrepid account of all the going’s-on… And go HERE to s...[Read More]

Wicked Japanese Alien Quad Packaging

I’m feeling a little ripped off. According the 20th Century Fox is releasing the Alien Quadrilogy set in Japan in, what has to be, the coolest DVD packaging ever to be released.Just click on ‘read more’ to see a pick and follow the link to a Japanese website, which has more pics on the upcoming release.


Here’s the brand spankin’ new DVD’s coming your way today…Great new gems like AMERICAN SPLENDOR, The thoroughly enjoyable SECONDHAND LIONSand Oscar fave LOST IN TRANSLATION…Excellent new releases of some of Cinemas greatest, like DIARY OF ANNE FRANK…MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY and GASLIGHT…As well as some TV jewels like GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, WHAT’S HAPPE...[Read More]

Weekend Box Office

You’ve just been served Polly and Butterfly.Bada ba bada-ba badaba /Lord of the Rings Theme Music.Check out the weekend box office 😀

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