Month: December 2003


Tuesday is upon us once more, and brings us ever so closer to that wonderful day when DVD fans the world over open tidily wrapped packages containing their hearts greatest desire… more DVD’s!This weeks new discs are all here in our weekly list of NEW RELEASES….And new for yer stocking stuffing delight…BAD BOYS 2…The J.Bo classic GIGLI…And the Holiday classic double bill of PSYCHO SANTA and SATAN C...[Read More]

The Last Samurai Took Top Spot

The Last Samurai got some Honey this weekend in The Haunted Mansion, while the Elf played with The Cat In The Hat.

Freddy vs. Jason – Two Discs of Gory Goodness

Ronny Yu is one of those rare directors who can successfully combine comedy with horror. He did it quite admirably in “Bride of Chucky”, and now his second effort in the “reviving the careers of 80s super-villains” genre is soon to be released on DVD.

Aargh! There Be Treasures Found

After scouring the two DVD we’ve discovered the lost Easter Eggs hidden on Pirates of the Caribbean 2-Disc DVD.Visit our Easter Egg section or click here to get them matee.

Shane talks JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 with The Creeper, Jonathan Breck!

In a few short weeks the sequel to the year 2000 horror sleeper hit Jeepers Creepers, aptly named Jeepers Creepers 2, is going to hit store shelves in an all new Special Edition DVD (review to come). I recently had the opportunity to interview the star of the film Jonathan “The Creeper” Breck about being Hollywood’s latest horror monster icon, life on the set, the Creeper, his upcoming projects, a...[Read More]


In keeping with the recent weeks of New Releases, wherein one set of monstrously important DVD has outshone all others…I give you ALIEN QUADRILOGY day!!!And there’s also a little something called PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL…GETITON!!!!

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