Month: December 2003

Happy New Year

From the staff here at we’d like wish everyone the best in the coming year.Happy New Year!

New Releases

It’s the Tuesday after, and hopefully you all received so many discs that you’re stocked up for weeks… if not, here’s the weekly dose of what’s new and improved in DVD land.A short list, but with some notable goodies, including…ANDROMEDA: SEASON ONES.W.A.T.and the Heath Ledger Catholicious creepfest THE ORDEROh, and a little something called…BEYOND RE-ANIM...[Read More]

Return of the King Remains Crowned

The Return of the King’s was not affected when he purchased wine for his arrival. It was Cheaper by the Dozen. It was on Cold Mountain when he knew that Somethin’s Gotta Give. It’s good thing he just got his Paycheck.

DVD New Releases

Well, here we are again, DVD New release day. A mere two days until many of us celebrate friends, family and other loved ones, some of us celebrate a religious rite and some of us simply celebrate and rejoice in the joys of giving and receiving. Last chance to pick up some of those down-to-the-wire gifts. New on shelves today… ALEX AND EMMA… Jackie Chan’s THE MEDALLION… And the new Holiday classic...[Read More]

Return of the King Rules ALL!

The Lord of the Rings managed to get Mona Lisa to Smile. Something’s Gotta Give? Could it be The Return of the King, who came in first, or The Last Samurai, who walked in fourth? Of course it could be because I’m Stuck On You.


I’M HYPED UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!So I’m making my list, I have officially checked it twice and I am ready to let it all hang out in the name of the Holiday spirit…So as is tradition here at ECDVD for the season of Festivus, I annonce the coming of the lists with my own TOP TEN XMAS CLASSICS list. Others will add on… You can even add on yourself by visiting the forums.Enjoy,...[Read More]

Return of the King Review

So…was it any good? Do you even need to ask!?! Read on for Bill’s review of “Return of the King”.

New Releases

Not even ten shopping days left until DVD day!!!Get yer New Releases here!!THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMENSEABISCUITA multitude of Russ Meyer Bust-a-thons…The fancy new (and surprisingly funny!) FREAKY FRIDAYNew special edition packages for some true classics like…THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY: 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITIONON GOLDEN PONDESCAPE FROM NEW YORKAnd the one, the only…FORD FAIRLANE!!!!Getito...[Read More]

Return of the Joe Bob…

JOE BOB RETURNS!!!Rogue, brigand, man-about-town and Drive-In movie critic Joe Bob Briggs will return to brighten our New Year with a new title in the Elite Entertainment line – JOE BOB BRIGGS PRESENTS…After a stellar debut with JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN’S DAUGHTER, get ready for big bouncy fun with THE DOUBLE-D AVENGER!!!Read on for all the dirty details…I said READ ON!!!

Jack’s On Top

Somethings’ Gotta Give or we’ll lose The Last Samurai who’s been Stuck On You, because Love Don’t Cost A Thing in The Haunted Mansion

The Creeper Speaks – An Interview With Jonathan Breck

Welcome back to Evil Axel’s Den Of Iniquity! While this may have started out as a place for me to unleash my shenanigans in the “genre” arenas, we’ve decided to open it up a little and let everybody in on the fun. So now the Den Of Iniquity, while still falling under my evil supremacy, will feature items by any of our writers who provide a worthy piece. With that in mind, I...[Read More]

CEN Awards Nominees *UPDATE*

On February 6, 2004 the Canadian Entertainment Network will host its inagural DVD awards show in Toronto Ontario, and I have tickets. Finally, something in Canada that I can attend.The show is to be hosted by Jessica Holmes, star of the acclaimed CTV/Comedy Network sketch comedy TV show The Holmes Show. Just recently CEN released the list of nominees for the show. The nominees with the most nods a...[Read More]

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