Month: November 2003


Tuesday is here again, and Gubernoar Ahnuld is taking a day off from representing the peephole of Cauliforneeah to headline two heavy hitters…TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINESandPUMPING IRON: THE 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITIONYou can also find a few other choice cuts like KING OF THE HILL: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASONandTHREE’S COMPANY: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASONAs well as a Criterion edition of my favori...[Read More]

Revolutions Tops the Box Office

I have nothing really witty to say tonight. It’s been a long couple of days. So, I’ll just let you faithful readers read the deets for this weekends box office.And remember, “Everything that has a beginning has an end.”

Star Wars OT on DVD in September?

Before I go into details please be aware this is just a rumor that has come out of the meeting that LucasFilm held yesterday with their retail partners.According to the digital bits LucasFilm plans to release Star Wars IV: A New Hope, Star Wars V: The Empires Strikes Back, and Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi on DVD in September of 2004.Of course until the official word comes down from LucasFilm w...[Read More]

Finding Nemo Easter Eggs Are Here

It’s been a long while since we posted any big Easter Eggs, but while typing up the review for Finding Nemo I managed to find a whole whack of them, and one kind reader sent me another one.Visit our Easter Egg section or click here to access the Egg.*update* A few more people have submitted Eggs and I’ve updated the file to list them. There’s a bunch more now.

Finding Nemo Breaks 1-Day Sales Record

Straight from Video Business Online is news that Finding Nemo has broken the one day sales record. According the Buena Vista, who distributed the Disney Pixar film, reports that the movie sold a record 8 million DVD and VHS copies.Read on for more info.

A Couple of Trailers

On my whirlwind adventure of surfing the Internet and exacting my revenge on annoying pop-up windows I came across a few awesome trailers that I think most of you will enjoy…


Axel is out with a broken hand… something about vaseline and his forehead?!? Just kidding. His real JOB sent him home with an injury and he can’t type up the list of today’s releases. So, he’s left that to me to give his hand time to mend.Disney and Pixar unleash Finding Nemo to the hoards today.Eight Crazy Nights, Anna Nicole Show, and Friends: Season 5 just to name a few....[Read More]

Alien Quadrilogy Deets Announced

Fox Home Entertainment has finally unvailed the details for the highly anticipated 9-disc box set of the Alien movies. This collection promises to be the most extensive box set ever released and by looking at the specs I can see why.It will be hitting the street December 2nd.

Scary Movie 3 Stays on Top

Brother Bear coward after seeing a third “Scary Movie.” It was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that scared him so. On the way home from the local theatre he heard on the Radio some more stuff about the Runaway Jury.

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