Month: October 2003

Alien Vs. Predator Teaser Trailer

Woah! In big Keanu style. I just finished watching the teaser trailer and a short featurette for the Alien Vs. Predator film, coming to theatres next summer, over at the Apple trailer site.I may have to get another keyboard after watching these. /wipes drool from mouth.

Freddy Vs. Jason Coming Soon on DVD

New Line Cinema has announced the street date for their head-to-head monster flick Freddy Vs. Jason.You can expect to see this DVD on store shelves on no other than January 13…. oooh! Friday the 13th, image that.We’ve got the cover art for you viewing pleasure.

New Spider-Man Teaser Poster

Are you starting to get excited yet? The latest litte teaser from Columbia TriStar’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel has hit the web.This poster is some what along the lines of the teaser poster from the first film. This new poster features mostly Spidey, but he does have a reflection in his eye of his upcomin nemesis…. Doc Ock.Is it 2004 yet?

Vampires Clash With Lycans in Underworld on DVD

An action packed trailer premiered in theatres some time back showing us the upcoming carnage in the Underworld where vampires are on the hunt to elimate their nemesis, the Lycans (werewovles).Now, coming to DVD January 6, 2003 is this highly exciting twist on the classic vampires-werewolve monsters.We’ve got the cover art and a menu capture. Check it out!


Tuesday again, kids!And there’s a lot of good Halloweeny fun out there today…There’s also THE HULKAnd much, much more…But let’s be honest. This week is all about the Tunes…THE LOONEY TUNES GOLD COLLECTIONFeaturing 56 Tunes, 26 audio commentaries, 12 featurettes, 3 full-length documentaries, a greeting from Chuck Jones, trailers, galleries and oooooooooh so much more…Not to mention…THE LOONEY TUNES...[Read More]

More Contests Then You Can Shake a Stick At…..

Ladies and Gentlemen,The kind folks over at Warner Home Video have sent us a gargantuan box of DVDs to give away to you, our faithful readers.Want to see what we have? Just click on read more and I’ll show you!

It’s Not SCARY!

The third Scary Movie tonight will be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So, be sure to turn off the Radio. Wait… don’t turn off yet. There’s a news bulletin about to start.“The Runaway Jury has finally been spotted down by the Mystic River…”

Friday the 13th Special Edition

Good news for our U.K. readers. Paramount has released a special edition version of the original Friday the 13th!


Na-na-na Na-na-naNa-na-naNa-na-na-na…Sam Jack and the bad boys (and girl) of this summers $116 Million dollar hit are coming to DVD on December 30, and we’ve got the skinny…

WB Halloween Extreme DVD Contest

Our very good friends over at Warner Home Video have hooked us up with some last minute Horror movies just in time for good ol’ Halloween. We’re giving away a few sets of 7 DVDs… that’s right I did say 7 DVDs…. head on over to the contest section now before it’s too late – bwaaahahahahah bwwwaaaaaaahahahahaha


Oh baby! Oh baby!It’s another red-letter day in DVD history kids!!!THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES finally make their way to disc!!Also on the menu…A plethora of excellent horror titles including…CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTERFRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELLBLACKENSTEIN!!!The recent mega-hit, 28 DAYS LATER…THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMSAnd the long-lost classic DRAGONS...[Read More]

PoTA: 35th Anniversary Edition

Fox has sent us some cool news concerning their plans for the original Planet of the Apes movie being released in an all-new special 35th Anniversary Edition. Fox plans to release it Feb 3, 2004.Read on to find out the deets on this sci-fi classic.

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