Month: September 2003

The Hulk Comes to DVD

We just received the official press release for THE HULK DVD due out this October.XBox Playable DEMO on the movie DVD??So read on to find out more and see the cover art for this most anticipated DVD.

DVD NEW RELEASES – September 9

It’s DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!!!And today’s haul includes such magnificent items as 24: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON…FAMILY GUY: VOLUME 2CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MINDBOYZ N’ THE HOOD: SPECIAL EDITIONA Milestone films special release of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, featuring both the 1925 and 1929 versions…Many horror classics and infamous double features!!!A whole lotta musical specials…And the long-await...[Read More]

Arrr, Matey… There be Pirates in my DVD Player…

Shiver me timbers. One of the summer’s most enjoyable movies is slated for a December DVD release…

An extra little Back-To-School treat!!

It’s back to school for the kiddies today, and as a small amount of tribute to them, and to my own halcyon days…Click it up down below for a little Back-To-School goodwill blessing from EYECRAVEDVD and our good friends at ELECTRIC ARTISTS…


Well, well, well…Tuesday again. And now that you’ve been gorged on last weeks uber-buffet of DVD goodness, you get to take this week easy… right?Wrong, bucko!!Check it out!The John Hughes collection is finally here…THE BREAKFAST CLUB, PRETTY IN PINK…WEIRD SCIENCE and SIXTEEN CANDLES!!!And speaking of little Johnny Cusack, how’s about a little IDENTITY!!!The Bald Headed Disciples Of Vin rejoice!! A...[Read More]

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