Month: September 2003

Cool Matrix Revolutions Posters

WB has unleashed some new Matrix posters from their official site.Matrix code soaked stars cover these wicked looking posters. There’s even one with the Mech’s from Zion. Go ahead… read on…. I DARE YA!


Okay kiddos…Today is the frickin’ day!!3 new Warner Brothers Special Edition Classics!!!SCARFACE: 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION…And a SCARFACE box set including the 1932 Paul Muni film that inspired many a Gangster film!!!`THE OSBOURNES: SECOND SEASON!!!THE TICK: THE COMPLETE SERIES!!!BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM!!!A crazy Christopher Lee box set including…CIRCUS OF FEAR, THE BLOODY JUD...[Read More]

ROCKin’ good fun in HELLDORADO

That’s right kids, Big Daddy Axel has seen the action-buddy-mesoamerican-Walken movie you’ve all been waiting for…Formerly known as HELLDORADO and UNTITLED ROCK PROJECT…So click it just a little bit, right there baby!And get the lowdown on THE RUNDOWN…


HEEEEEEEEEEYYYY BAAAAAABAAAAAAYYYY!!!IT’S TUESDAY!!!On the menu today…ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES: 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITIONThe very long awaited THE HILLS HAVE EYES…The first full-season set of I LOVE LUCY…The small-fry hilarity of DADDY DAY CARE…Christopher Guest and Co. release A MIGHTY WIND…MTI brings out DARKEST KNIGHT 2…The SMALLVILLE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON set…And some crazy popular tw...[Read More]

MPI brings some natural born killers to DVD

MPI Home Video unleashes a new “Crocodile Hunter” on September 30.Snakes and Crocs and Sharks… oh my!And don’t forget those cute lil’ Killer Whales!!!Read on to find out more about KILLER INSTINCT, a tour through the lives of the most dangerous creatures on the planet!!


How about a little DVD NEWS???It’s been simmering now for a while, but the sauce is getting right slippy, the tasty juices have commingled, and it’s about time to get that Goulash on, baby!!!STAR WARS DVD gossip…AMERICAN WEDDING deets…SEABISCUIT, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN…Hugh Jackman singing in chaps…James Coburn and Harrison Ford team-up… Sable gets medieval on our collective ass…And the...[Read More]


Tuesday is here once more!And today’s fresh batch of DVD New Releases brings such fantasmagorical treats as…ANGER MANAGEMENTThe classic comedy SOAP: SEASON ONEThe long-awaited MR.SHOW movie, RUN RONNIE, RUN!Many a double and triple feature of old-school B-movie goodness…The new collection of Crossgen Comics COMIC/DVD hybrids…DEAD & ROTTING and QUEST FOR THE EGG SALAD from our friends at Tempe...[Read More]

MEANING OF LIFE mishuggena?

Some of you may be noticing a problem with your copies of MONTY PYTHON’S THE MEANING OF LIFE: SPECIAL EDITION DVD…There are some Player-specific problems with the Disc 1 in the set and Universal Studios Home Video feels your pain…Read on to find out how to replace your disc if you are having problems with “jagged video interlacing” on Disc 1 of MEANING OF LIFE…

Fox TV DVD Poll

Want to have your say on what TV shows Fox should release and in what order. Then visit the following link and vote for your top 5 shows that you want to see on DVD.Fox Home TV Poll

Once Upon A Time In Mexico Reviewed

The latest entry in the “El Mariachi” series is out. Is it worth your time and money? Read below to find out!

Alien Special Edition to Hit Theaters

Wowsers! 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott have gotten back together to make a new cut for the big screen of one of the scariest movies ever made – ALIEN.On Halloween 2003 head to the theatres to see the Special Edition of the classic Sci-Fi/Horror.IGN has an exclusive trailer for the release.

The Passing of Two Johns

I have some sad news to report today. This past week we’ve lost some great talent in both music and television.Music superstar Johnny Cash and screen veteran John Ritter both passed on Friday.

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