Month: June 2003


Here’s a little of that Ol’ DVD News to get you through to the weekend…News on some classic SciFi, this summers biggest sequel, a couple of 80’s legends…And the greatest comedy of the last 30 years returns to DVD!!!Read on you damn dirty humans!!!

Matrix Revolutions Teaser Poster

We’ve got it… yes we do. We’ve got a pic of the teaser poster for the third installment of The Matrix.Click on read more to see it.

Indiana Jones Box Set Pre-Order

Pre-Order the Indian Jones Box set from today.We’ve got your direct link to reserve your copy of this years most anticipated DVD release.

DVD NEW RELEASES – June 10, 2003

Tuesday.The sacred day of film-lovers and DVD-philes the world over. Our favorite day of the week.Shopping list day.Today.“What’s in store for me this week, Oh mighty Evil One?” You ask humbly, yet respectfully…Why don’t you just put your finger on the button, take fate into your own powerful hands and see for yourself…The answers you seek are but a ‘click...[Read More]

T2: Extreme DVD Packaging Replacement

For those of you who bought the T2: Extreme Edition DVD last week may have had some issues taking the amary case out of the collector’s tin. If you wrecked your case Artisan is going to replace it and we’ve got the information on how to get your new case.

2 Fast Passes Nemo

2 Fast in Finding Nemo made them 2 Furious. Bruce Almighty is still doing The Italian Job, while The Matrix Reloaded again.


Okay, amigos and amigas…Here’s the Big Evil version of your HYPED UP!TM weekly roundup!!!My picks for this upcoming week?Why don’t you just click me up down below and find out…

Anyone Up For Some Movie News? Anyone?

How bout some info on the Punisher? Blade III? How about Indy 4? No? What about Hellboy or the Family Guy? Elektra? Aha! I kew that would getcha!


Time again for some of that sweet DVD news…Today finds us with releases from almost every major house, but I’m not going to say a thing…You wanna know what’s going on?Check it out, baby…


Well, here it is DVD fans!!!It’s a mighty big list today, with some obvious highlights…DIE ANOTHER DAY: SPECIAL EDITION…THE ANIMATRIX…BLACK HAWK DOWN: 3-DISC SPECIAL EDITION…TERMINATOR 2: EXTREME EDITION…and don’t forget Jack… ABOUT SCHMIDT…But what about those less-hyped catalogue gems just waiting to be discovered on the shelves?How about BLA...[Read More]

Looks Like Nemo Was Found

Finding Nemo is Bruce Almighty’s only goal. The Italian Job proved to be tough on the Matrix Reloaded; who oversees Daddy Day Care.

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