Month: June 2003

Katherine Hepburn: R.I.P.

Mere weeks after the passing of the great Gregory Peck, we are fed another bitter fruit, as news came last night of the death of the Grand Dame of American Cinema, Katherine Hepburn.Passing away at the age of 96 in her home in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, Hepburn leaves behind an unparalleled legacy of much-loved performances.I’m sure anyone who has ever seen her unconventional beauty and stat...[Read More]

REDRUM Entertainment gives Big Evil chills…

Well, long-promised and finally delivered, here is the inaugural episode of EVIL AXEL’S DEN OF INIQUITYA place for me to weave my evil webs and ensare you, the good readership, with tidbits of titillation as I detail the insides and outs of the world of “Genre” film.So kick back, grab a frosty bevvie and read on to discover the story behind new kid on the block, REDRUM Entertainm...[Read More]

Angels Fly High

Diaz, Liu, Barrymore = Charlie’s AngelsHULK SMASH! HULK CRUSH!Woah! Dude, that was totally awesome….


IIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT’S TUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEESDAAAAAAAAY!!!Time for another dose of your DVD New Releases!!Today…THE HOURS!We finally get to see PUNCH DRUNK LOVE…DARK BLUE,Season One sets of HERCULES:THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYSAnd THE MAN SHOW…ETERNAL BLOOD from South America,and mucho mucho more, eh!Check it out, you big red source of all evil!!


Holy Halls Of Moria!!!The Evil One, your resident LOTR geek, has your hookup for deets on both sets of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERSDue this fall…Read on, friend, and enter…

DVD NEWS – June 22

It’s Time…You wanted the news? Well, you got it!How about some dates for some Summer Blockbusters like FINDING NEMO…How about news on TV’s SMALLVILLE coming to disc?IDENTITY?DESPERADO and EL MARIACHI!!!THE HILLS HAVE EYES!!!Find out when you can pick up the next set of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS…And much, much more…




As promised, I have checked out THE HULK, to ascertain just what kind of craziness this summer is starting of with…Bottom line, Big Evil gives a big “Hell Yes!”Read on to get the full boat dish…

LOTR: TWO TOWERS Extended DVD Deets!!

Wanna get a sneak-peek at which deleted scenes will be re-introduced for the LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS – SUPERMEGAULTRAHOODOOKINGME EDITION???Read on…

DVD NEW RELEASES!!! June 17!!!

Tuesday is once again upon us, O’ disciples of the mighty silvery disc…And while it may seem that evevrybody maxed out on super-releases last week, there’s still some good shiznit to be had…As usual, Big E has your hookup to the newest, sweetest, tastiest discs on the street today.Tons of Kung Fu action, including TSUI HARK’S VAMPIRE HUNTERS…A whole lotta anime-...[Read More]

Nemo Swims Past 2 Furious To Regain Lead

Nemo’s Lucky fin helps him pass super charge imports.BRUCE ALMIGHTY says “RUGRATS have GOne WILD over the HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE.”

Gregory Peck, R.I.P.

Gregory Peck, Hollywood legend and the very model of integrity, passed away last night at his home in Los Angeles, California. He was 87 years old.I hope you will take the time to read this little retrospective I have prepared on a truly great Actor, Humanitarian and Human Being.Please feel free to add your comments to this post, or in the forums, and I encourage all of you to seek out some of Mr....[Read More]

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