Month: May 2003

The Recruit and Die Another Day Contests

Action, adventure and spies.2 *NEW* contests to increase your DVD collection.Visit our Contest now for your chance to win.Good Luck to all!

Bond. James Bond. On Hyped UpTM

Next week is a week to be Hyped UpTM about. There are plenty of hot DVDs coming out next week that some people can’t wait to get their hands on. I know, because I’m one of them.In this weeks edition of Hyped UpTM we take a look at some of these titles.

Site Downtime

I must appologize for the consistent drop in connection that been happening here lately. Our host seems to be having problems with IIS. I know what you’re thinking – “How could you get hosted on IIS?”Well, I was desperate and everything was working fine at first. Apparently, someone else on the server is running a bad script and everytime it’s executed it forces IIS t...[Read More]

Indy Trailer!!!

Check out the new INDIANA JONES TRILOGY DVD trailer from Lucasfilm and Paramount, over at…APPLE.COM TRAILERSThe trailer is presented in the glorious magic of Quicktime, but if you are lacking the software, they can put you straight…Enjoy the Adventure!Your Ever-Lovin’ Daddy,The Big Evil A.

DVD NEW RELEASES – May 27, 2003

ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WERE THREE LITTLE GIRLS WHO WENT TO THE POLICE ACADEMY…That’s right kids!!! Tuesday is upon us once again… and today appears to be CHARLIE’S ANGELS day…Check out a new Superbit version of the film, or pick up THE BEST OF CHARLIE’S ANGELScompilation, or CHARLIE’S ANGELS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON to relive those childhood memories of...[Read More]

Bruce Almighty Over Matrix

Jim Carrey is back!The Matrix still has youDaddy Day Care is still looking after X-Men 2.

DVD NEWS to make your Memorial Day!!

DVD News is comin’ at ya!Check out news on new DVD versions of FARGO, PRIZZI’S HONOR and I LOVE YOU TO DEATH…Not to mention a special 60th Anniversary 2-disc edition of CASABLANCA!!!You can also pick up news on STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS: TAKEN and the complete series of the original BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA!!!Check it out, you Circus monkeys!!!


IT’S TUESDAY!!!!And you know what that means…Another edition of your friendly neighborhood DVD NEW RELEASES list!!One of the most thorough and complete lists of New Releases available awaits you just out of sight…Click on “Read More” to receive your weekly dose of what’s new and improved in the world of DVD…This week, check out a wealth of Disney releases ...[Read More]

Matrix Reloaded is King

The One kicks some serious tale over the weekend.Daddy Day Care over powers the X-Men.See how the rest did over the weekend.

New Site Feature

We’ve been busy the last few days here at working in behind the scenes.We’ve added, what we believe, is one of our best features.Want to know what it is?

News a la DVD

Anyone hungry for some DVD news? Saddle up cause here it comes…Buena Vista Future Release DatesLa Femme Nikita & Taken TV series on DVD


A little bit O DVD News for you on a beeee-A-utifull Thursday afternoon…Could it be? Is it true? Jerry? Newman? Lainie and Can’tStandJa???SEINFELD finally coming to DVD?????Also…GODS AND GENERALS… ROB ZOMBIE and DEAD AND BURIED…CTHE gets SPUN! WB wants to let you choose your own collection…Rhino let’s you CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE????Check it out, beautifu...[Read More]

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