Month: April 2003

DVD NEW RELEASES – April 29!!!

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!Time for the DVD NEW RELEASES for this week…Be sure to check out some of the magnificent stuff on display…BABYLON 5: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASONA new whack of Blind Samurai A-Whuuupppaaa with ZATOICHI #’s 6,7 & 8!!Japanese supercrazy goryzombiemania with JUNK from our new pals at UNEARTHED FILMS…The Duke lives on with RIO LOBO and BIG JAKEBruce...[Read More]

Daredevil DVD Specs

With the success of X-Men, Spider-Man, and Blade it was inevitable that we would see other comic books come to life on the big screen.The next big screen success was earlier this year with Daredevil. Now the exciting tale of the Man With No Fear can be seen on the little screen on DVD July 29th.Check out the details on what the package will include and the cover art.

Two Towers DVD Offically Announced

Finally, news comes down the wire as to when we can expect to see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on DVD.Like we haven’t all been waiting for this news. Plus we have the DVD Cover Art for the each of the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD editions being released.


Hey Kids! It’s Tuesday!!!And today looks especially sweet for fans of all stripes…Check out WB’s COLE PORTER GIFT SET including such classics as BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940, HIGH SOCIETY and KISS ME KATE among others…Maybe you would be more into the Xtreme surf do*censored*entary TO’: DAY OF DAYS, featuring Laird Hamiltons epic ride with an unparalleled Tahitian wave. How...[Read More]

The Comic… Take 2!

Have you ever gone to a store just to browse?Have you ever been annoyed by the help?Have you ever just wanted to lash out?

Goin’ in the Vault, never to return???

TOY STORIES…Gone forever???Well, who knows really?!?!What if there was a fire, a tornado, a massive flood?What if some crazed maniacal toy-hater blowed-up the beloved vault?And just what if, when that nutball tries to destroy all things good, Jack Bauer doesn’t save the world in the nick of time?So many future generations unable to share in the magic that is the Buzz N’ Woody Sho...[Read More]


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!Thanks for all of the emails and comments, congratulating me on my recent nuptials…Now back to work!Here’s your DVD NEW RELEASES for today…Including the Best-titled sequel in the history of film…BREAKIN’ 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!!!

Anger Management Works

Adam and Jack = $$$What A Girl Wants is a Phone Booth to help in Bringing Down the House.She’ll probably only get A Man Apart.

Axel and Liz Sitting in a Tree…

K-I-S-S-I-N-GToday is special day for our man Axel and his other half (better half), Miz Liz. They’re getting hitched, actually their probably already hitched.After months of planning and headaches the big day has finally arrived.Congratulations you two – HAVE A BLAST!To wish Axel and Liz the best in their new venture in life Axel started his own thread in the forums (What a GUY). Clic...[Read More]


Well Kids, it’s that time again!TUESDAY!!!Which as we all now is DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!!!And even though it looks like HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS has chased off all the competition for the week, take a closer look around…There’s a nice little slab of Genre Fare (including a new MST3K set!) and Anime to tide y’all over until next week…Check it out Tabeulah!!...[Read More]


Here is your DVD News for today, kids…How’s about a little of the LOONEY TUNES stuff?Maybe some Oscar nominees?DRIVE-IN legends?Some Foreign Classics?Erotica?Ahhhhhhhhhh…CHUBBCHUBBS!!?!??!?Well it’s all here in your DVD NEWS!!!!Read on Monkeyboy!!


“Hello! My name is Muerte… It means ‘Death’…””Hey Morty! Nice to meet ya!”Well here it is, April 1, 2003…EYECRAVEDVD is 2 years old and growing like a weed…But it is also Tuesday… And y’all know what that means round these parts…DVD NEW RELEASE DAY!!!SO get ready for the goods…A magnificent day for catalogue faves, a few horrorific treats, some SciFi...[Read More]

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