Month: March 2003


We’ve just turned TWO.Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests and Passersby get ready for the newest feature from this, our second anniversary we’re launching something exhilarating.

We’re Turning 2 – It’s Coming!

Something big is on the way here at EyeCraveDVD.comThis Tuesday we’re turning 2. That’s right, we’ve been around to provide you with DVD News, Reviews, and well, whatever else we do here for the past 24 months.To celebrate this special occasion we’ll be having some contests for DVDs, Posters, and EyeCraveDVD: Gear running throughout the week.That’s not all though. We’ll be launching something new ...[Read More]

Chris Rock – Head of Box Office

Chris Rock replaces Steve MartinThe Core isn’t BasicCHI-SHKA-BOB, CHI-KAH-KAH, CHI-CAGO! Apparel Galore!

Be the first to own the *NEW* Gear. It’s moving quickly, and because of that we’ve added more shirts, more hats, and more everything…Just wait there’s more…

A hearty welcome to our newest reviewer…

Yes, we finally have a Female perspective to temper our rampant manliness…She is Here,She is Now,She is Woman,She is…FRICK!


After a quiet Post-Oscar day, the DVD News is back in full swing.So READ ON! For news on a plethora of Oscar nominees and winners coming to DVD…CHICAGO!!! THE HOURS!!!Foreign films galore!WINGS OF DESIRE!!! LA FEMME NIKITA!!!2-Disc Special Editions!ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA!!!THE RIGHT STUFF!!GIANT, ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES!!! A nuevo gore classic and Japanese Zombie Samurai Madness!!!!VERS...[Read More]


TUESDAY, BABY!!!!You know what that means…ROGER RABBIT!!STRAW DOGS in a Criterion package?!!!JACKASS!!FUTURAMA!!!A whole pantload of Kung Fu classics, wicked Anime and Horror-ific gore!!!And, could it be true?SWEEEEEEET SASSY MOLLASSY!!!THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR!!!


I know, I know…You are all such huge movie fans, of course you watched the Oscars, right?Well just in case you missed it…Just in case you were wondering…

Weekend Box Office

With the Oscars being on TV tonight and many other things happening I’m going to keep this weekends Box Office report rather light.


Here are my picks for this Sundays awards…Not who I think WILL win, but who SHOULD win.These are the few, the strong, the majestic…Those whose names would grace the card, if only I ruled the AMPAS…

In honor of the upcoming weekend festivities…

OKay, here we go…The Oscars are this Sunday, and to comemorate the 75th Anniversary of our most holiest of Recognitions, We have compiled our lists of the…TEN BEST BEST PICTURE WINNERSRead on for the list, and then feel free to add your own by reply…

Have your DVD NEWS with a shmoke und a pancake…

What up Freaks?Here’s your DVD NEWS for the week. Things have slowed down quite a bit in the industry, whether because of increasing tension in the Middle East, or because the Oscars are coming and the studios are focused on Campaigning. Maybe it’s just that they’re really frickin’ lazy.I just don’t know!Whatever the reason, while this week has been slim pickins, it doesn’t mean there’s no quality...[Read More]

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