Month: October 2002

A Look At The Transporter

This past Sunday while on a road trip April and I decided to stop and catch a movie. After some debating we decided to catch The Transporter. Here is the review of that experience.


I am FUMING with righteous indignation!I am superfly TNT – The guns of the Navarone I am so fed up with all of this ET, studio greed and disdain for the customer B.S.? 10 weeks availability?… Original version only on the ‘special’ 70 dollar package? Well here’s my 2 cents on the whole kerfuffle…


Will ROGER RABBIT live again? Will XMEN 1.5 deliver the goods? Will Hugh Grant ever see his face on the New Release shelf again?

25 Toughest Stars (2002)!

While browsing the net I came across this list of the 25 Toughest Stars 2002 posted on E! Online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an airing date but I do know the show was hosted by no other than tough guy – Mr. T.

News and Rumors from the depths of October

You want to know about the signs? Abandon all hope…ye who enter here… Beware the news of October…


INSOMNIA!!! CASINO ROYALE!!! ALL MONSTERS ATTACK!!! INSOMNIA!!! Here’s the street releases for October 15, 2002.

Dragon On Top For Second Strait Week

Red Dragon, the third film in the Hannibal series, stayed on top this weekend keeping some other suspected heavy weights at bay. Sweet Home Alabama stayed in second place while newcomer Brown Sugar opened in third. The Transporter, starring Jason Statham opened in fourth with My Big Fat Greek Wedding taking fifth in its 26th week. Check out how the rest played out.

DVDVDVD News for a fine fall day…

Okay, so the DVD season is slowing down… All of the BIG packages and huge releases have already been announced and will see the inside of my player before the year is out, right? There won’t be any more news until mid-spring, because the studios are all gonna take it easy and start on their 4 month Xmas vacations, right? Not so fast, wiseguy….I got yer NEWS right here!

DVD new releases are here, baby!!

Okay, all you fans of the righteous disc! Here’s your weekly menu of fresh horse doovrus The weeks new DVD releases Like, Whoa!

Hyped Up! (TM) First Edition

Okay, here we are with our inaugural edition of Hyped Up!TM And there’s two souped up action super flicks on my mind… (you are invited to join us in the forums afterwards to discuss this article, unregistered users as well)Both of these movies fit Hyped Up!TM In more than one sense…

Red Dragon Eats up Box Office

No surprise here as Red Dragon dominates the box office over the weekend. Sweet Home Alabama dropped one spot to second, while The Tuxedo starring Jackie Chan took third. My Big Fat Greek Wedding continues to stay strong bring in another eight and half million over the weekend to take fourth. Barbershop dropped into the fifth spot. Probably the most surprising the Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie, whic...[Read More]


What else needs to be said?Details on the MASSIVE DVD PREMIERE of the action fiesta grande XXXRead on you bald-headed disciples of Vin!!

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