Month: October 2002

Halloween DVD News for the Living Dead DVD fans…

Well it’s that time of year again… The leaves are turning twelve shades of autumn, the jackets are heavier, faces are rosier, and there are a million little kids in plastic Anakin Skywalker costumes beating up little Spongebob’s for candy. Oh to be young and full of sugar! On that note, Here is the last edition of the DVD news for October…

DVD Street Releases for the end of Octember

So here we are, apparently past the month long deluge of Halloweeny releases and into the serious stuff, headed towards the inevitable buying frenzy known as The Christmas Shopping Season… Some good stuff today!! Creative Designs versions of THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL and CITIZEN KANE, assorted classics and newbies, a couple of series and OH YES! THE BIG ONE… The complete COURAGEOUS CAT AND MINUT...[Read More]

Russell Crowe wears Wonder Woman Underoos!!

Just getting your attention! While he may not wear magic lassoo’s on his ace, Now you can see him in musical action without paying five thousand dollars… or getting punched in the face… And CRITERION gives us the goods yet again!! READ ON! If you dare….

Early Look at the Star Wars Ep. II DVD

We’ve taken an early look at Lucas’ fifth installment into the Star Wars saga, Attack of the Clones, on DVD.


Yeah, Yeah, I know it’s not DVD news… Regardless, look to the left on the FORUMS HOT TOPICS bar, or read on to find out more about the craziness of CA2!!

At The Movies…

The least likely of films to take the box office top spot was able to pull it off. Jackass: The Movie was able to conquer all over the weekend. The Ring dropped one spot to second, while the other newcomer this week, Ghost Ship, opened in third. Sweet Home Alabama took fourth spot in its fifth week. Again, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is still going strong taking in another 6.3 million in its 28th wee...[Read More]


A gentleman and a rogue is lost to the world today. Sir Richard Harris has passed away at the age of 72. Read on and remember him…

Friday News Dispatch

TGIF BABY!!! Here’s a little of the ol’ Newsy-doozy, to whet your DVD whistle until you can cram that new disc in yer player!! X FILES #6 STAR TREK V BACK TO THE FUTURE MST3K BOX See’s ya on Monday, Kittens and Kittenettes…

Left Behind II DVD Review

Does the end of the world as we know it excite you? Have been looking for something that will give you some answers? If so, read on….

DVD News and spews – 22 Oktober, 2002

Do you love Nick At Nite reruns? Do you need more Fibre in your diet? Do you secretly yearn for the soft reassurance of Bea Arthur’s strong, manly arms enveloping you ? THEN TODAY IS YOUR DAY, BRO!

DVD New releases – Oktober 22

007 returns to DVD!! Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN!! E.T. rears it’s ugly CGI-ed head!!

The Ring Scares Up Top Box Office Spot

Thriller/horror The Ring was number one over the weekend. Sweet Home Alabama managed to stay in second, while Red Dragon fell to third. My Big Fat Greek Wedding nudged up a spot to fourth and Brown Sugar and Abandon fell into fifth. Check out how the rest played out.

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