Month: July 2002

Easter Egg Section NOT Functional

I’m not sure what happened as it worked all week up until today but the Easter Eggs section is back up and running. I appologize for all the downtime as of late. Hopefully no more 🙂*Update* For some reason or another the easter eggs section is messed up again. Unfortunately, I’m away on holidays and won’t be able to repair it till next week sometime. If you want to sort through t...[Read More]

Emmy Nominations

For those of you who have time for TV,-Outside of your worship of the Almighty Disc –Here are the highlights of the Emmy nominations announced today…

It’s been a hard day’s night… and I been working like a dog!

The Beatles are coming! The Beatles are coming!Hard Days Night to see the light of day on DVD…

DVD Reviews Score a 10

Axel has turned in another pair of DVD Reviews that have scored a 10. However, only one of them has turned in a perfect 10. I’m not going to tell you which one you’ll have to find out yourselves by reading them. The Royal Tenenbaums: Criterion Collection“I have officially added this to my all-time greatest list and put…” – Axel H. Harry Potter and the Philosophe...[Read More]


Fresh from Variety The 2-disc special edition DVD of SPIDER-MAN will hit stores November 1st of this year with a marketing campaign valued at close to 100 million. Here is an official list of features to be included on the discs:

Still Have A Few Bugs

I’m still working out a few bugs. Until then I won’t be able to post any reviews because that portion is effected by these bugs. Mike and I are working on them and hope to have the resolved shortly. Once this is done I should have about 15-20 reviews for you. Also, the Easter Eggs are all working again. To choose any links use the ones at top in the LCD screen. I will be making those l...[Read More]

MIB II Holds Strong

Men In Black 2 held strong over the weekend against some pretty stiff new competition. The latest Tom Hanks flick Road To Perdition opened in second while the latest dragon flick Reign Of Fire opened in third. The latest installment in the, is it ever going to end, Halloween franchised, Halloween: Resurrection, had a fourth place opening weekend. Mr. Deeds rounded out the top five. Here’s how the ...[Read More]

We’re Back

We had a little trouble yesterday while attempting to get the site back up and running. I’ve decided to re-open the site. However, the upgrade is not complete. You’ll most likely come to a few pages where everything is all messed up. Mostly the Reviews and Eggs. There are few other links that are messed up too but we’ll get to those. End of the day everything should be running sm...[Read More]


Check out the TALK DVD section and browse the new postings for a big Surprise!!


Rod Steiger – On The Waterfront, Doctor Zhivago, In The Heat Of The Night, The Illustrated man – passes away at the age of 77… From the IMDB report…



Back In Black

Looks like the second coming of the secret organization of Men In Black has saved the planet again from utter destruction. Men In Black 2 dominated the box office this holiday weekend taking in $90 million since it’s opening. Mr. Deeds fell to second. The Little Bow Wow film Like Mike debuted at number 3 while Lilo & Stitch finally over took Minority Report over a weekend haul by approx $0.3 ...[Read More]

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