Month: July 2002


Wow! That’s insane… Where’d you get that gun?I’ve never seen a cir*censored*cision like that before!! DVD news for…what day is it? October? DoGToWn aNd Z-bOyZ.!.!.!

Who says I can’t bring this here axe into the courthouse??

NEWS for the 30th of July OTIS IS COMING!!! OTIS IS COMING!!!

News for Monday the 29 of July

“I heard you were dead!” “We got everything here from a diddle-eye jo to a damned if I know” “Hit me as hard as you can” “It’s all in the reflexes” “Asps, very dangerous – You go first”

DVD releases for July 30, 2002

Here’s the full-on fully full list of releases that hit shelves tomorrow in the AM at a store somewhere near you…

Powers Owns Weekend Box Office

Yeah Baby! The latest from the mind of Mike Myers and the newest in the Austin Powers series has taken the top spot this weekend. Goldmember absolutely obliterated the competition by taking in over 71 million this weekend. Road to Perdition checked in at number 2 with 11 million. Stuart Little 2 captured third while Men In Black 2 took fourth. K-19: The Widowmaker rounded out the top five. Check o...[Read More]

SEARCH FOR SPOCK coming October 22!!

Some Dudes in a big spaceship…This one guy is really serious and has big ears…There’s this cranky doctor…RING ANY BELLS???

DVD NEWS for July 24

Ready for today’s DVD news – bursting with fresh fruit flavor and nicotine goodness?… Then look no farther…

DVD NEWS – Everything new and improved in DVD’s

HEY!! YOU!!Want the Dilly on the discs that are on the way?Want to be the cool guy who can brag about the inside track to your friends down at the local DVD store?Then read this… You hoser…

DVD Releases for the week of July 23

Here is the list of this weeks releases, which we are going to make a weekly feature from now on…

Eye Ye Ye Ye Yeeeee! Kung Pow on DVD

We take a look at the Steve Oedekerk creation Kung Pow! Enter the Fist on DVD. This movie was written (sorta), directed by, and is starring the man himself. He also does the voices for all the characters. What a movie – laughed so hard my abs hurt. It’s been a while. “What a package, especially for a single disc release. They could have done so much more with…” –...[Read More]

A Sneak Peek at Dragonfly

Thanks to Universal we’ve been able to take a sneak peek at the latest Kevin Costner flick to hit DVD, Dragonfly. Thankfully, this movie and DVD were a good watch.“This DVD is like the ending of the film – shocking.” – ShaneCheck out the review.

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