Month: May 2002

The Daredevil Costume

The first image of Ben Affleck dawning the MARVEL superhero costume of Daredevil has appeared online at USA Today. Click here to read the article and see the costume.

Matrix Reloaded Teaser Trailer Hits the Web

That’s right ladies and gentlemen the first Teaser Trailer for the highly anticipated, and I do mean highly, second Matrix movie, officially titled Matrix Reloaded, has hit the web on the official Matrix website. Here’s the link

Two New DVD Reviews

A modern day man travels back in time, while a historic play gets an updated look. We’ve taken a look at the 20th Century Fox titles Black Knight and William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet: Special Edition and reviewed them for you, our readers. Black Knight “Fox has taken this above average film and made a great…” – Shane William Shakespeare’s Romeo &#...[Read More]

Back to the Future DVD Specs

The DVD specs for the much anticipated, long awaited Robert Zemekis’ Time Travel Trilogy have been released. So, here’s what’s going to be on the package, which has no official release date (sometime in September):

Up Close With Vertical Limit

I sat down and took a look at Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s Superbit title, Vertical Limit. “I’ve watched this movie quite a few times now and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. This DVD really…“

New Discs on the way!!




Play Ball! With Bull Durham on DVD

Axel H. has turned in, yet, another fantastic DVD review. This one of the MGM baseball movie starring Kevin Costner, Bull Durham. “This is a movie that was a critical and commercial smash for them, and has been hotly anticipated by collectors like me since DVD reared it’s beautiful head. Fortunately for the jack…” – Axel H.

Spider-Man Dominates Weekend Box Office

Is Star Wars Ep. II going to be able to de-thrown Spider-Man? I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out. Spider-Man has taken in another $72 million over the weekend, which most likely set a record. Unfaithful opened in second spot with just over $14 million, and The New Guy opened in third. The Scorpion King slid two spots to fourth and Changing Lanes slid to fifth. See how the rest p...[Read More]

Spider-Man Review

May 3rd April & I hoped in our trusty Saturn and drove an hour and a half to see Spider-Man. The journey began early in the morning when I purchase the tickets online to ensure I wouldn’t just waste time driving there to end up seeing something else because Spider-Man was sold out. We arrived early and had dinner. Then we went to SilverCity Sudbury to get good seats. Well, I’m gue...[Read More]


SPIDEY breaks the records!! Halle Berry as FOXY BROWN!! SEVEN SAMURAI return to the big screen!!

Say Anything!

Axel H takes a look at the 80’s flick that, most likely, made John Cusak a name to remember. Check out what he had to say about Say Anything. “This is a movie that, in a hundred years, will be remembered as a classic. The late 80’s and early 90’s offered us…” – Axel H

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