Month: May 2002

The Big Hit on Superbit

I figured before midnight I’d give you one more review for the weekend. I took a look at the very exciting and funny Columbia TriStar Superbit release The Big Hit. “Although, this DVD may lack extras it’s a disc that I’d recommend to anyone. The video and audio on this disc are above…” – Shane

Memento Limited Edition Solved

Having trouble navigating the new Limited Edition of Memento? Try this link out LINK

The “28 Days” of “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

Axel H turns in a few more DVD reviews for your reading pleasure. This time he takes a look at Columbia TriStar’s 28 Days: SE and Disney’s Bridget Jones’s Diary. 28 Days: SE “Sandra Bullock is cute, funny and sympathetic to a degree we haven’t seen from her before. This is no…” – Axel H Bridget Jones’s Diary “Zellweger – cute and cuddly, Hugh G...[Read More]

Extra! Extra!

Chris Tucker as Clouseau?! DEUS EX!! Affleck and J.Lo in JERSEY GIRL?!

Star Wars Ep. II Stays on Top Over Holiday Weekend

Star Wars Ep II remained on top of the box office charts over the Memorial Day weekend, in the USA, bringing in an estimated $61.2 million. Spider-Man is still going strong, taking in yet another $36.5 million in its fourth weekend. This brings Spider-Man’s total to $334 million. Insomnia, the film where Robin Williams is a bad guy, had a strong opening with $26 million to take the third spot. Two...[Read More]

Star Wars Ep. III To Be Much Darker

In an article over at George Lucas discuss’ how the third chapter will be much darker than any one film to date. The Star Wars creator says “Let’s face it, all the bad guys win in the end, all the good guys are dead except for a couple. So it doesn’t have a happy ending. I’m not sure how people are going to take it. It does have some fun in it. It’s not ...[Read More]

Another Two DVD Reviews

Axel H. sat down and took a look at two distinctively different movies. He took a look at a 1960’s remake and spoof on teen movies. If you haven’t guessed yet he’s reviewed Warner Brothers’ Ocean’s Eleven and Columbia TriStar’s Not Another Teen Movie. Ocean’s Eleven “I am admittedly a huge fan of Steven Soderbergh. The man has yet to make a sub-par movie. He works with real actors and…”...[Read More]

Extra! Extra! 2

Big screen GREATEST AMERICAN HERO xXx with still more to read.

Extra! Extra!

Sony gets GHOST RIDER Lucy Liu in Charlie Chan and much much more….

A View “From Hell”

20th Century Fox sent me the terrifying thriller about Jack the Ripper called From Hell, starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. On this 2-disc set you’re brought deeper into the Ripper mystery than you’ve, most likely, ever been before. See if you can solve the mystery and discover the killer. “The From Hell DVD is more impressive than I’d originally expected. The extras are the most...[Read More]

Star Wars Ep. II Takes Top Spot Over Weekend

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones may not have beaten Spider-Man over the weekend, but it had the biggest Star Wars opening to date and the largest Thursday opening in history. Thus far Star Wars Ep. II has taken in $116 million since Thursday. Spider-Man is staying well on track bringing in another $46 million to bring its total to $286 million. Unfaithful took third while About a Boy de...[Read More]

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Reviewed

Last night Axel H. went to see Star Wars Ep. II AOTC. He’s turned a, quite, lengthy review giving his opinion of what he thought and what he thought of the overall critics naysay. Click here to read it “Lucas set out to create a universe and establish an intricate mythology based on his love for…” – Axel H.

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