Month: April 2002

“Limited Edition” MEMENTO to hit stores May 21

For every fan of MEMENTO, who bought the initial \"No-frills\" DVD package, get ready to fume with a tasty mix of anger and conflicted joy!



New Reviewer Turns in Fight Club

Welcome Jaime to our team. He’s also turned in his first review. Jaime took a look at Fight Club. “Fincher personally supervised the making of the DVD, right down to the neat packaging…” – Jaime

Extra! Extra!

Here\’s this weeks Production News… Exorcist prequel! Catwoman!! Daredevil! Austin Powers 3!!

Ssssss! Venomous DVD Reviewed

We took a look at the latest Treat Williams direct to video movie, Venomous. If you have a fear of snakes than this movie is for you! “Venomous is a movie that I didn’t know what to expect from, let alone the DVD. Turns out it’s…” – Shane

DVD Top Sellers

Here are the top 15 selling DVDs for last week 1. Training Day 2. K-Pax 3. Original Sin – Unrated 4. Moulin Rouge 5. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back 6. Star Trek Next Generation: First Season 7. Zoolander 8. A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Wide 9. Jet Li: The One 10. Heist 11. Shrek 12. Joy Ride 13. Oz: First Season 14. Life As A House 15. The Fast And The Furious

Panic Room Stays On Top

For the second weekend in a row Panic Room rules the weekend box office. New comer High Crimes squeezes into second, while Ice Age drops one spot to take third. The Rookie also slips a spot to fourth and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder takes fifth. Check out how the rest of the top ten played out.

At Last More Easter Eggs

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any Easter Eggs. So, this morning I went through my Inbox and did a few Eggs. Check them out: The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai: Across The 8th Dimension The Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Edition Enjoy!

A Look At Panic Room

Axel has turned in, yet, another movie review. This time he caught the film Panic Room starring Jodi Foster. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say: “David Fincher, auteur behind the new classics Seven and Fight Club, advances very…” – Axel H

Book of the Dead = Milestone

With my review of The Evil Dead: The Book of the Dead Edition has reached a milestone. We have posted our 100th review. Now only about ten thousand titles to go :). Here’s a cutout from the review. “I can tell you that it’s a fairly loaded DVD with many cool extras and blood…” – Shane

A Look At M*A*S*H: TV Season One

Jon D took a look at the screener DVD 20th Century Fox has sent us for M*A*S*H: TV Season One. Here’s a tidbit about what he had to say… “M*A*S*H is a welcome edition to DVD, and it’s fun, if you’ve seen the feature, to see how the film…” – Jon D

Spiderman 2 A Go?

A press conference was held by Sony Pictures in Sydney Australia yesterday, to announce the production of \"Spiderman 2\"

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