Month: February 2002

Updates to Minimum

You may have noticed that updates have been rather slow this past week. Well I\’m jumping to another server again and I\’m trying to not update anything until I have everything fully functional on the other server. Sorry and be sure to come back. We will have a lot going on.

We’re Moving Again

In the next little while the site may be up and down while moves hosts. My current host is closing down shop and moving us to a new server for the next little while. I\’m looking now for another server to host us if things don\’t work out. So we might disappear again for a short period of time. We are definitely not disappearing for good though.

Down Time

We\’ve been missing all most a week but we\’re back. The server my site is hosted on moved, literally. It was originally hosted just around the corner from me but the owner moved to another city and took it with him. Now, for the good news. I have some DVD reviews posted and I will have our first hardware review sometime this week as well. If your a DVD-ROM owner you may want to stay t...[Read More]

Help Wanted! is looking for help. We’re falling behind and need some help to get ahead of the game. We are looking for people who are interested in doing reviews – DVD or movie. If you’d like to review for us drop me a line at To be a DVD reviewer you must have at least a 27″ TV w/ S-Video inputs, a Dolby/DTS receiver w/ full surround speakers and...[Read More]

Big News on the DVD Front

An article at MSNBC has caught some interest. Apparently studios and Blockbuster are fighting again over DVD. Have a read its not looking good. On the bright side of things Harry Potter fans will happy to hear that WB has officially announced a release date for the title. May 28th is going to ring in some big sales when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hits shelves. There will be an Ana...[Read More]

Mad Max: Special Edition Reviewed

After weeks of having the DVD I’ve finally posted the review for this incredible movie and DVD. The Mad Max: SE DVD is a MUST for any fan of Mel Gibson. I hope they redo the entire series something like this. That would be incredible.

Triple X Trailer

Vin Diesel fans rejoice. The trailer for his next highly anticipated movie can be found at Here is the direct link. Triple X

Tops at the Box Office

For three weeks in a row Black Hawk Down has remained box office champ with Disney’s Snow Dogs following close behind. The Count of Monte Cristo jumps to third and A Walk To Remember falls a spot to fourth. A Beautiful Mind holds its position to round out the top five movies. Check out how the rest panned out. 1. Black Hawk Down (11.50m) 2. Snow Dogs (9.90m) 3. The Count Of Monte Cristo (9.00m) 4....[Read More]

The Scout Reviewed

OK, as you’ve probably noticed the reviews haven’t been popping up as quickly as you or I would like. Well, part of it was the holidays that so recently past and the other part is I’ve gotten a little lazy with the rest of the review staff. I plan to turn that around as I’m just waiting for my editor, April, to read about 9 more reviews and I’ve got 4 or so on the go....[Read More]

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