Month: December 2001

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! from the staff at Don’t drink and drive! Take care and we’ll see you in the new year.

Tops at the Box Office

Lord of the Rings stays in the top spot this past weekend by more than doubling the number two movie, Ocean’s Eleven. Newcomer Ali debuts at number 3 while Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius slides into 4th, although it did bring in more than it did in its opening weekend. Here is how the rest played out. 1. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship (37.35m) 2. Ocean’s Eleven (17.36m) 3. Ali (15.30m) 4. Jimmy Ne...[Read More]

DVD Contest Winners

I’ve drawn the names of the winners for the two DVD contest we had going in November. To see how we drew the names click here. OK, so I’m kidding. I’ve given each person 48hrs to respond. The Simpsons has been claimed but I’m on my second person for POTA (2001) with only 24hrs remaining then I’ll draw a third name. Stay tuned because we’ve got another POTA DVD t...[Read More]

Moulin Rouge Egg

I have discovered 15 Easter Eggs on Fox’s release of Moulin Rouge. This must be some sort of a record for the most Eggs on one disc. All the Eggs are on the second DVD of this 2-disc set. Have fun. If you find anymore drop me a line.

Men in Black II trailer

Columbia TriStar has released the trailer for the much anticipated sequal to MIB. You can watch it over at the official site. You can view it in a variety of different formats. Also available is a ‘Visualizer’. This visualizer is a Worm from MIB dancing to your music depending on certain audio players. I have the one for WinAmp.

Tops at the Box Office

Lord of the Rings may not have broken the records many fans were expecting, however, it did manage to pull away with the number one spot over the weekend. Being 3hrs in length really puts a damper on how many viewing can be had. Meanwhile, Ocean’s Eleven managed to hold second spot while other new comer, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, captured third place. Thus bumping last week top movie Vanilla Sky....[Read More]

Out of Ideas?

With only 3 full days left to shop for Christmas many people are still having trouble deciding what to get that DVD enthusiast on their list. Well the staff at has listed some of their favorite releases from the past year. Maybe this will help you decide on any last minute gifts.

12 O’Clock High DVD Review

Csaba’s review of the WWII war movie Twelve O’Clock high has been added to our ever expanding list of reviews. Click here to read it.

Moulin Rouge DVD Today!

Fox has done it again. The Moulin Rouge DVD is pure entertainment. I’d say this DVD is one of the best ever released. Unfortunately, our lead reviewer’s computer crashed losing the review so he’s had to start over and hopes to have it completed by this evening. He has asked me to say this – “My apprehensiveness about even watching this movie let alone the DVD was erad...[Read More]

Tops at the Box Office

Cruise, Cruz, and Diaz slide into the number one spot with Vanilla Sky. Knocking last weeks top movie, Ocean’s Eleven starring Clooney, Pitt, Damon, and Roberts. Harry Potter falls two taking fourth while another new release, Not Another Teen Movie, squeezes into the third spot. Here’s out the rest faired out over the weekend. 1. Vanilla Sky (25.00m) 2. Ocean’s Eleven (23.05m) 3....[Read More]

Phantom of the Paradise DVD Review

I have posted Jon’s review of the Phantom of the Paradise DVD. Click the image to have a look at what he had to say about this early 70’s film.

X-Men 2 Title & Release Date

20th Century Fox has announced that the official title for the sequel to last years superhero movie will be X2 and not X-Men 2. They’ve set the release date for May 2nd, 2003. Looks like that going to be a good year with movies like T3 and Matrix Reloaded.

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