Month: November 2001

Last Day for Contest Entries

Good news DVD lovers! You still have one more day to enter the Planet of the Apes and The Simpsons: The Complete First Season DVD giveaway contest. The contest closes today though, so head over to the contest page now to get your entries in for your chance to win.

A few Eggs for you

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been slacking and I deserve a big kick in the butt for being so slow. First the computer problems (somewhat resolved now), then my Mom lands in the hospital (nothing major), then she gets me to build her a new system (done after 2 days of testing). Oh ya! and I had to put up Christmas decorations before it snowed. Now that those are out of the way the only ...[Read More]

A Couple of DVD Reviews

Woo, I’m running a little behind. I’ve had these 2 DVDs for a while now and at last they’ve been reviewed. Csaba has sent me his take on Extreme Limits and I have finished When Good Ghouls Go Bad. Go on, check them out. Read our other reviews. We’re closing in on a 100 quality DVD reviews with many more to come.

JP Survival Cell Phone

This just in – a DVD first – the official press release from Universal Studios Home Video

The Candidate DVD Review

Jon D takes a look at The Candidate. Not a very good DVD, but a great movie. Have a look to see what else he has to say.

Record Breakers

While Harry Potter continues to break box office records we are seeing the same type of trend happening in the DVD market. First with Mummy Returns then Star Wars. Let’s all give Universal a round of applause for doing it again with The Grinch. The DVD sold over 3 million units and made approx. $145 million in its first six days. What’ll be the next big release? Tell us in the FORUMS

Tops at the Box Office

It appears as though Harry Potter is continuing to rock the box office bringing in another $53 million in it’s second weekend. At this pace it’s going to break all records. Monsters Inc. held steady taking in over $20 million for the 4th weekend in a row. Here’s how the rest played out. 1. Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone (57.49m) 2. Monsters, Inc. (24.06m) 3. Spy Game (21.69m...[Read More]

Finally the Planet of the Apes DVD Review

At last…I’ve finished it. So many computer problems held me back. Having to format your machine a few times really throws everything off. Anyhow, I’ve finished what has to be one of the most impressive DVD’s I’ve reviewed to date. Star Wars & POTA are very close and I don’t know which I’d give that edge too. Truly outstanding. Click here to read the w...[Read More]

Blockbusters Released Today

I don’t know about you but some of the studios have released some pretty big blockbuster movies on DVD today, which also happens to be my B-Day. That’s right I’m one year older today. Although, some may say I don’t act like it. 🙂 Any how, we have one this years big box office hits popping onto shelves in a store near you, 20th Century Fox’s Planet of the Apes: Collect...[Read More]

The Legend of Hell House DVD Review

Dennis has turned in his review of The Legend of Hell House. Check out what kind of things he had to say about this 20th Century Fox release.

Tops at the Box Office

I knew I should have put money on Harry Potter this past weekend. Not only did it take top spot it also set the record for biggest 3-day openning with an estimated $93.5 million. That beat previous record holder The Lost World: Jurrasic Park, which brought in somewhere around $72.5 million. Here is how the rest played out. 1. Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone (93.52m) 2. Monsters, Inc. (23.05m) ...[Read More]

News or No News

I was going to have some new DVD reviews posted for you tonight but I had an issue with my system and had to format and reinstall everything. I will have more for you this weekend. 🙂 Well, OK so I lied a little bit here’s the review for Lucas Film’s latest release, Willow. Take Care!

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