Month: September 2001

Release Dates

Can we expect the DVDs that are suppose to be released today on store shelves? Perhaps. With last week’s terrorist attacks and air traffic being grounded for a short period of time some expected releases may not hit store shelves till later this week.

Tops at the Box Office

A quiet weekend at box office this weekend. I\’m sure it\’s not much of suprise in wake of last week attack. Here\’s how things wrapped up. 1. Hardball (10.10m) 2. The Glass House (6.10m) 3. The Musketeer (5.31m) 4. The Others (4.80m) 5. Two Can Play That Game (4.70m) 6. Rush Hour 2 (4.35m) 7. Jeepers Creepers (3.85m) 8. Rat Race (3.63m) 9. American Pie 2 (3.56m) 10. Rock Star (3...[Read More]

No News

As you can probably guess the entertainment world has basically shutdown in the wake of Tuesday\’s terrible events. We have next to no new incoming news. I\’m sure you\’ve heard WB is not releasing \’Collateral Damage\’ and Sony has pulled down the teaser trailer for \’Spider-Man\’. The news will be light over the next couple of weeks. We will keep you upd...[Read More]

Our Prayers!

No words can truly describe the tragedy that has befallen the United States on Tuesday. We, here at, wish to offer our prayers to those who have passed, those who have been injured, and to their family members. God bless!

Tops at the Box Office

“All for One & One for All” seems to still sit strongly with us as The Musketeer takes top honors this week. Jeepers Creepers slipped to 4th spot with two other new comers, Two Can Play That Game and Rock Star, squeezing in to round off the top 3. Check out this weekend top 10. 1. The Musketeer (10.70m) 2. Two Can Play That Game (8.30m) 3. Rock Star (6.17m) 4. Jeepers Creepers (6....[Read More]

Cutthroat Island Review

In 1995 we got to see a strong woman in action as Geena Davis starred in the pirate adventure Cutthroat Island. Today you have a chance to read what Jon, one of our reviewers, thought about the DVD.

Back to the Future DVD Info

Although, there are no plans for a fourth film, Universal HV has said to expect the trilogy on DVD sometime next year. We’ll keep you updated as we hear.

Jurassic Park DVD Review

At last I have finished the Jurassic Park DVD review. “It’s every child’s wildest dream, and everyone’s fascination – and it only took 65 million years to make it. Yes, it’s Jurassic Park, the movie that captured us…” Read the rest by clicking the title above. Enjoy!

Memento Easter Egg

**New** here today the Memento Easter Egg. Check it out.

Austin Powers 3 gets the Green Light

New Line has given the green light for the third Austin Power which will be titled: AUSTIN POWERS 3: GOLDMEMBER. Plans to begin production are to begin in mid-November with a planned released date of July 26, 2002. Of course, Mike Myers will reprise his roles of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil and the Fat Bastard. He will also play the film’s new title baddie.

The Princess Bride: SE Easter Egg

I’ve added one Easter Egg today. I know, I know I should have more but I’m working on it. Well the one I’ve added is for MGM’s re-release of The Princess Bride in a Special Edition format. Enjoy!


I know that a lot of search the net for a haven of trailers. I’m not talking about the type you sleep in either. (lame joke) Well, for those of you that have found this place you know what it’s about. For those who haven’t, checkout they’ve got a whack that you can watch.

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