Month: August 2001

Thursday Stuff

I\’ve had a lot of people visit the site lately in search of an Easter Egg for the Goonies DVD. Well folks, you probably are not going to find it until somewhere near Sept 18 or after. I know personally as someone who runs a DVD site and does DVD reviews that I don\’t have the time to be searching for Easter Eggs and I rely on the readers to submit them. 🙂

DVD-ROM coming soon

AOpen is going to be sending me a DVD-ROM to review in early September. It\’s the AOpen DVD1648. Be sure to come back and see if this ROM can play DVD\’s the way you like them.

Austin Powers 3 mumblings

Director Jay Roach has confirmed pre-production will be in full \’swing\’ in the next couple weeks. I guess we can expect shooting to begin sometime soon. \"The whole cast and crew are coming back and Mike\’s playing at least one new villain character\". – Jay Roach

Tomb Raider on DVD

Paramount has released details for the DVD release of the Tomb Raider movie. Some of the DVD extras include a Director’s commentary, behind the scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, and a twenty five minute “Diggin” segment. This will also sport an alternative title sequence, three levels of Core Designs Tomb Raider video-game, a bunch official trailers, four deleted scenes a...[Read More]

3 More DVD Reviews

I’ve completed 3 more DVD review for your reading pleasure. Here’s what we’ve got for you: Josie and the Pussycats Say It Isn’t So! Bachelor Party Enjoy!

Tops at the Box Office

American Pie 2 holds onto the number one spot again this weekend. I guess my wife and I’s $11 each helped. 🙂 Rush Hour 2 once again hold on to the number two spot. Well new comer Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back takes the number 3 spot. Here’s how the rest played out. 1.American Pie 2 (12.80m) 2.Rush Hour 2 (11.43m) 3.Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (11.10m) 4.The Others (8.60m) 5.Rat Rac...[Read More]

Nightmare Before Christmas DVD Review

Bossk has sent me his review for The Nightmare Before Christmas. He’s given it a perfect 10. Click here to read his thoughts.

Batman: The Movie on DVD

Today 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released a 1966 title, Batman: The Movie. We had an opportunity to review this Bat DVD. Click here to read the Bat review

Error! Error!

I noticed the other day that the contest entries and the Easter Egg submission were not functioning. I spoke to the server admin and the configuration on the server was messed up. He has since repaired the problem. So if you entered the contest in the last 2 weeks I ask you to please re-enter. Also, if you\’ve submitted any Easter Eggs during that time period to re-submit them.

Tops at the Box Office

American Pie 2 manages to hold onto top spot this week. Rush Hour 2 manages to hold on to the number two spot well Rat Race takes number three. Here is how the rest of the top 10 played out. 1. American Pie 2 (21.38m) 2. Rush Hour 2 (19.18m) 3. Rat Race (11.80m) 4. The Others (10.80m) 5. The Princess Diaries (9.45m) 6. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (7.11m) 7. Planet Of The Apes (6.87m) 8. Ameri...[Read More]

What’s New!

As you\’ve probably notice we\’ve affiliated with and we\’ve also added a Vote 4 Us! button for the top 250 DVD sites on the web.

DVD Release Info

Babylon 5 on DVD – December 4th is the set date for one of the most anticipated series to hit the DVD format. Only 2 episodes are going to be released – The Gathering, which is the series pilot and In The Beginning. No word yet on extras or if even more episodes will be transfered to DVD’s. Final Fantasy will be hitting store shelves in October. The 23 is date slated for the CG A...[Read More]

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