Month: July 2001


I am moving on Tuesday and I will not have Internet for a few days, perhaps even a week. If there are not updates to the site fear not because there will be many once I get back online. Have a great week and I look forward to coming back with a vengeance.

3 New DVD’s review

As promised I have posted the review for Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Beyond Suspicion, and also a treat. Hope you enjoy them. Our first review of a DVD that was sent to us from Universal, Head Over Heals.

Planet of the Apes Review

I had a chance to this weekend to catch the new Planet of the Apes.Click here to read what we thought.

Tops at the Box Office

Looks like Hollywood finally got its break with 20th Century Fox’s new version of Planet of the Apes. It cashed in at an estimated 69.6 million and bumped last weeks big release, Jurassic Park 3, down to the number 2 spot. 1. Planet Of The Apes (69.56m) 2. Jurassic Park 3 (22.49m) 3. America’s Sweethearts (15.70m) 4. Legally Blonde (9.00m) 5. The Score (7.10m) 6. Cats & Dogs (4.51m...[Read More]

Things to come!

Well, I’m working right now to finish off the Die Hard 2 DVD review and Head Over Heals. I’ve also got Beyond Suspision, Gladiator, Iron Giant, Snatch, and Proof Life waiting to be read over so I can put those up. Sometime today I will be catching the new Planet of the Apes. Be sure to come back and see what thinks of Tim Burton‘s version.

Goonies 2

Talk is a buzz on the Internet about a Goonies 2 movie. Word has it that the original cast will be returning to resume their roles. Don’t count on Mama Fertelli to be there seeing as she past away.

New Jay & Silent Bob Trailer

The new Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Trailer is now online. It feature some shots of the ex-Star Wars stars, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Click here to check it out.

Vin in T3 rumor!

Ain’t it Cool News posted last week that Vin Diesel had confirmed he was going to be taking on Arnold in Terminator 3. As far as I can tell it’s nothing more than a rumor. None of the other major entertainment site have reported it. So, until then take what they say with a grain of salt.

Jurassic Park III Movie Review

Caught this movie Friday night and I was not dissappointed at all. “What would possess anyone to return to a deadly island littered with dinosaurs? How about…” Click here to read the rest.


Well I finished the review for JP3 and it should be up later tonight. Also, I received my first DVD’s from Universal today. Look for reviews on those coming soon. That’s about all I have. 🙂

Tops at the Box Office

Jurassic Park 3 opened at wopping estimate 50 millon this week to clame the number one spot. Also, new comer America’s Sweethearts came in number thus knocking last weeks, Legally Blonde top seed down to number 3. Here’s how the rest plays out. 1. Jurassic Park 3 (50.27m) 2. America’s Sweethearts (31.00m) 3. Legally Blonde (11.05m) 4. The Score (10.75m) 5. Cats & Dogs (6.77m...[Read More]

Jurassic Park 3 Viewing

Well I’m going to see JP 3 tonight. I’ll give you the scoop on what I think about this movie. Come back and see!

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