Month: May 2001

Adam West = Original Batman DVD

Adam West and Burt Ward have just finished recording the audio commentary track for the DVD release of the original ‘Batman’ movie. You can expect to see this DVD hit store shelves in August.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Only one more week till the fastest pre-selling DVD is released. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon hits store shelves June the 5th. I’ll be standing in line early to get my copy. So stay tuned for the review of this much anticipated DVD release.

Fox Releases the Marilyn Monroe Diamond Collection

On the 75th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s birth Fox Home Entertainment is releasing ‘The Diamond Collection,’ inclulding five of her greatest roles: Bus Stop, How to Marry a Millionaire, There’s No Business Like Show Business, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and The Seven Year Itch. I am currently working on the reviews for this 6-Disc set.

Tops at the Box Office

Pearl Harbor takes the number one spot this week even though critics ripped it apart. The 3 top movies last week each slide down one spot. 1. Pearl Harbor (75.08m) 2. Shrek (54.16m) 3. Mummy Returns, The (19.06m) 4. Knight’s Tale, A (9.3m) 5. Angel Eyes (6.26m) 6. Bridget Jones’s Diary (4.0m) 7. Along Came a Spider (2.2m) 8. Memento (1.85m) 9. Blow (1.3m) 10. Driven (1.19m)

DVD’s – Coming Soon

There has been a lot of announcements about DVD’s that are coming out soon. Here are few of the exciting ones you can expect: Forrest Gump: SE (August 28, 2001) The Neverending Story (September 04, 2001) The Neverending Story II (September 04, 2001) 3000 Miles To Graceland (August 7, 2001) You can see what else is coming out in our calendar. If you know of any DVD releases feel free to submi...[Read More]

New Lord of the Rings Trailer

Coming May 25th, New Line Cinema will be releasing the newest trailer for the first installment of the LOTR movies set to hit theatres later this fall. If you haven’t already book marked this site head there now.

Terminator 3 Talk

Production has picked up again for Terminator 3 with talks of Arnold Schwarzenegger facing off against 2 terminators. Vin Diesel’s and China from the WWF are a few of the names that have been tossed around as the possible terminators. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s true.

Tops at the Box Office

Looks like we have a new winner for this past weekend. Shrek, the animated movie starring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Camron Diaz and John Lithgow has bumped Universal’s big blockbuster The Mummy Returns from the number one position. Shrek (42.1m) Mummy Returns, The (20.5m) Knight’s Tale, A (10.7m) Angel Eyes (9.5m) Bridget Jones’s Diary (3.8m) Along Came a Spider (2....[Read More]

Shrek Website

Opening today in theatres is the new computer animated spectacular from DreamWorks, Shrek. I headed over the official site today and took in some pretty exciting flash work. Head on over and have a gander.

Die Hard on DVD

20th Century Fox has announced the release for the Die Hard Ultimate Collection. This collection will including Die Hard, Die Hard 2 and Die Hard 3. It’s set for release on July 10. The Die Hard Ultimate Collection will get Fox’s *Five Star* DVD treatment. Here’s another bonus, all 3 DVD’s will be 2 Disc editions and will feature new anamorphic widescreen transfers and feat...[Read More]

Tops at the Box Office

The Mummy Returns remains at the top of the charts this week beating out new comer Heath Ledger’s, A Knight’s Tale. Mummy Returns, The ($33.74m) A Knight’s Tale ($16.51m) Bridget Jones’s Diary ($4.46m) Along Came a Spider ($3.07m) Driven ($3.05m) Spy Kids ($2.66m) Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles ($2.16m) Blow ($1.86m) Memento ($1.22m) Tailer of Panama, The ($0.82m)

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